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Sometimes, they do pass: Unsentimental thoughts on anti-fascism

To start off with, the usual quick news round-up: there’s been an inspiring day of solidarity with hotel workers across America’s west coast, Social Centre Plus was evicted, and London Met uni’s gone into occupation (update: scrap that, they’ve now … Continue reading

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The importance of being Nick Griffin

We’re living in interesting times. I’ve written about the recent splits in the Socialist Workers’ Party and the transformation of Whitechapel Anarchist Group (and they’re not the only ones, since Class War have now dissolved themselves again). But it’s not … Continue reading

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The English Defence League – Blair’s children?

To start off with, a quick disclaimer: in case anyone’s worrying, this isn’t going to be a crass piece of meaningless lefty name-calling along the lines of “Blair said nasty things about muslims, therefore he’s the same as the EDL, … Continue reading

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