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What we talk about when we talk about class.

The BBC’s class calculator has come in for a lot of mockery this week, with Bristol Anarchist Federation’s alternative class calculator being probably the most succinct response. While I don’t have much interest in the class calculator itself, which sounds … Continue reading

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HMVictory! Irish shop staff show the way.

HMV staff in Ireland have won an impressively speedy victory this week. After being told that they wouldn’t be paid wages owed to them when the company went bust, staff at a number of stores went into occupation, and this … Continue reading

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Yet more proof that direct action gets results.

Last week, I posted about how a former employee of the Hartley pub in South London had managed to successfully organise against wage theft with the help of South London SolFed, as well as a successful eviction resistance organised by … Continue reading

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A chance to start writing ourselves back into the story.

I’ve already plugged the rank-and-file electricians’ network quite a few times on this blog. Today I’m going to do it again, because I believe that the current struggle taking place against attacks on wages and conditions across the construction sector … Continue reading

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Mind your own business! – Thoughts on selfishness, selflessness, and winning

To begin with, the usual round-up of recent events: Locked-out workers in Hull are continuing to use direct action to disrupt the economy and put pressure on their employer, causing huge traffic jams and threatening to attend BP’s annual general … Continue reading

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How to argue badly – a lesson in dishonesty from the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty

So, to start off with, a brief round-up of things that have actually happened in the real world that it’s reasonable to care about: University College London went into occupation last week, and Hackney, Haringey and Camden can all be … Continue reading

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