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That joke isn’t funny anymore: on satire, nostalgia and class

I recently encountered an article by Mark Fisher about satire and class, which are two subjects I’m quite interested in. However, I’m also quite sceptical of some of the arguments he makes, so I thought it was worth examining why. … Continue reading

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Have you heard the one about the politician and the tea lady?

As a general rule, for a “political” blogger, I don’t really write that much about what politicians say or do. I usually find it’s simplest to just start off assuming that whoever’s in power is going to try and screw … Continue reading

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Vampires aren’t actually real, though. Class is: a reply to Mark Fisher’s castle of bollocks

2019 update: five years down the line, I still don’t think that the article I was replying to here was a very good one, but I think that I let myself be provoked into responding in a way that mirrored … Continue reading

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What we talk about when we talk about class.

The BBC’s class calculator has come in for a lot of mockery this week, with Bristol Anarchist Federation’s alternative class calculator being probably the most succinct response. While I don’t have much interest in the class calculator itself, which sounds … Continue reading

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Julie Burchill: a class act

By now, a lot’s been said about Julie Burchill’s bigotry. As a general rule, I don’t really think it’s worth spending much time on the likes of Burchill, Clarkson and Littlejohn with their outrageous politically incorrect opinions that they have … Continue reading

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