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Support Dane Powell, first anti-Trump protestor to be jailed

Dane Powell, one of the 200+ people arrested for allegedly taking part in the disruption of Trump’s inauguration, has pled guilty to two charges and been jailed for four months. You can donate to his commissary here, buy him books … Continue reading

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Early July round-up of workplace and repression news

Another quick round-up of ongoing workplace and legal/repression stuff: The Woolwich Ferry dispute, which has been running since last winter, has been resolved in what the unions are describing as a victory, with the two managers at the heart of … Continue reading

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Don’t mention the war! On the continuing blindspots in anarchist “critical discussion” of Rojava

As time goes by, the involvement of various sections of the international libertarian left with the social experiment in Rojava seems to be deepening. The recent announcement of a new anarchist guerrilla group in the area, the International Revolutionary People’s … Continue reading

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US legal/repression news: Harold Gonzalez released from solitary, new charges brought against J20 arrestees

Two quick updates from the US: In Michigan, Harold “HH” Gonzalez, who was threatened with up to two years in solitary confinement for his role as a spokesperson for the Kinross uprising, has now been told that he’s due to … Continue reading

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No exit: quick notes on the temptation to look for legal solutions to political problems

The aftermath of the Brexit vote has certainly been upsetting and ugly in many ways, so it’s understandable that some people have taken comfort from the recent High Court judgement that put an extra obstacle in the path to Article … Continue reading

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Supplying demands: a response to Wayne Price on demands

I recently stumbled upon a pair of articles by the US anarchist Wayne Price on the subject of demands. I think they’re worth reading and thinking seriously about, but I also have serious disagreements with his approach. These two pieces, … Continue reading

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I haven’t written anything interesting in a while, but some other people have.

So, it’s been a while since I wrote anything substantial on here. I still don’t feel up to writing that much, but I wanted to quickly highlight a few things I’ve read recently that I thought were interesting. On the … Continue reading

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