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No more deaths at work: Crossrail memorial vigil, Southwark Crown Court, 10 May

There’s an ongoing court case over the death of construction worker Rene Tka’cik, and the injuries caused to two others, by three companies working on the Crossrail project: BAM Nuttall Limited, Ferrovial Agroman (UK) Ltd, and Keir Infrastructure and Overseas … Continue reading

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Mass picket at Crossrail, Monday December 5, 6:30am

Via Reel News: Rank and file electricians have had enough of being paid a third of what they’re worth on the biggest infrastructure project in the world, and walked off the job, shutting down 5 sites with unofficial strike action. … Continue reading

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No more deaths at work, no more deaths from benefit sanctions: two vital events this week

Just a quick reminder about two important events coming up this week: On Wednesday 18th March, construction workers are calling for a mass picket outside the Construction News Awards following the sackings of workers for raising safety issues at Crossrail … Continue reading

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The fast and the furious: rank-and-file action wins reinstatement for sacked worker in under an hour

Construction is one of the last industries left in the UK with a strong, well-organised rank-and-file presence, and construction workers have been responsible for some of the most impressive workplace victories in this country in recent years. Today saw another … Continue reading

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Notice when we’re winning: Frank Morris and the victory at Crossrail

It’s fair to say that, for the most part, we’re really not living through glorious, uplifting times right now. Everywhere we turn there seems to be a new attack, so it’s hard to just keep up with the latest bad … Continue reading

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Jobmatch, Blacklisting, Grand Jury Resistance: Mid-December round-up

A few quick updates on ongoing situations that I’ve been covering: on the Jobmatch front, there’s not much news at the moment, but a commenter on this blog claims that they’ve been told Jobseekers’ Agreements will be changed in January, … Continue reading

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For worthwhile action on November 14th: Close Crossrail!

This Wednesday will see co-ordinated strike action across a number of different European countries. Of course, one-day actions are never enough, as the defeat of the pensions dispute and the 20+ general strikes in Greece over the last few years … Continue reading

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