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Still not laughing at the English Defence League

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes a caption is too. While looking for coverage of the far-right’s attempts to exploit the tragedy in Rotherham to stir up a bit of cheap publicity, I stumbled across something … Continue reading

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21 days later: some thoughts on the situation after Woolwich

So, it’s been a few weeks since the murder of Lee Rigby stirred up a huge revival in far-right activity, and it seems like enough time’s passed to be able to try and make some initial judgements on what the … Continue reading

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Emergency! Woolwich and the politics of urgency

Perhaps this is a terrible thing to admit, but when I first heard about what had happened in Woolwich – and, more to the point, when I began to realise the effect it would have on the wider political climate … Continue reading

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Leicester: when anti-racism alone is not enough

East Midlands Anti-Fascists have an interesting report on attempts by the far-right to stir up racial tensions in the Thurnby Lodge estate in Leicester, where a disused scout hut is set to be turned into a Muslim community centre, although … Continue reading

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To start off with, thoughts on the Tower Hamlets EDL demo: clearly, overall the state was in control the whole day, which is never good news for us. There were three moments that were clear positives on the day: the … Continue reading

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It only takes one spark…

At the moment, there’s a lot of fuss being made about the English Defence League’s threatened march through Tower Hamlets. So far, there’s only one aspect of the story which has really caught my attention, which is the threat by … Continue reading

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Sometimes, they do pass: Unsentimental thoughts on anti-fascism

To start off with, the usual quick news round-up: there’s been an inspiring day of solidarity with hotel workers across America’s west coast, Social Centre Plus was evicted, and London Met uni’s gone into occupation (update: scrap that, they’ve now … Continue reading

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