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Trans resources: some suggestions for understanding recent controversies

A very quick collection of a few resources that might be relevant to people who are new to trans issues, and who might be sympathetic to some trans-exclusionary arguments, especially those coming from left/feminist circles: This article by Roz Kaveney … Continue reading

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No platforming from above and below: on misogyny and state bans

Content warning for discussions related to misogyny, rape, and rape culture Over the last few weeks, there’s been a few fairly successful challenges to a few particularly noxious high-profile representatives of rape culture. Dapper Laughs has had his ITV show … Continue reading

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The revolution will not be Branded?

By now, there’s been a lot of discussion of Russell Brand’s call for revolution. Some people have got very excited about it, others have been considerably more critical. I want to consider a few of those objections here. One of … Continue reading

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As soon as this left unity appeal finishes…

“Left unity” is an idea that’s been discussed many times before, not least on this very blog, but it seems to keep on cropping up again and again. It’s hard to work out what actual content there is to the … Continue reading

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Couple of links

So, not got much to say right now, but I thought I’d link to a few pieces I’d found interesting lately. Apart from anything else, it’ll help stop this blog from just turning into a collection of rants about stupid … Continue reading

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