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“Are we all to be ‘gender-critical feminists’ now, Father?”: On silencing and the article Graham Linehan doesn’t want you to read

Graham Linehan, the once-beloved writer of Father Ted and that other one that wasn’t as good as Father Ted but still had its moments, has recently been going about the place complaining about being “silenced” while also using legal threats … Continue reading

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Edgelords with thin skins: on the difficulty of free speech absolutism and “the right to discuss ideas”

A brief tale that might illustrate some of the difficulties of free speech absolutism as an ideology: A few years back, a gallery called LD50 invited a range of far/alt-right and anti-immigrant speakers to address a conference. This drew protests … Continue reading

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Friends like these: some thoughts on free speech, alliances, agreeing with people, and guilt by association

Another week, another round of disagreements over how to respond to transphobia. The latest news is that Peace News have weighed in with their take on the bookfair conflict, while over in Canada frat-boy “we’re definitely not fascist, we just … Continue reading

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Stand with Bahar Mustafa and Tony Cox: once again on free speech and liberty

When I first heard about the controversy over Bahar Mustafa making some jokes on the internet, I dismissed it as being pretty much a big fuss over nothing: some students with nothing better to do getting all worked up over … Continue reading

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…as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it: once more on free speech and censorship

Free speech and censorship are subjects that’ve attracted a lot of attention recently, and look likely to carry on causing controversy for a while to come. The most heated and high-profile debates have been around Islam and blasphemy, but that’s … Continue reading

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Ironic comments

So far, I’ve not written much about the recent terrorist atrocities in France, or the various controversies that have sprung up in their wake. Given the huge amount of words that have been spent on these events and issues already, … Continue reading

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Disabled activist’s house raided over anti-government facebook comments.

I don’t have anything massively interesting or original to say at the moment, but I thought this story was worth passing on: A female disability activist had her home raided yesterday [October 26th] by South Wales Police who attempted to … Continue reading

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“One less pig; perfect justice” – grieving father jailed for t-shirt

The story of Barry Thew, the Manchester man jailed for wearing an anti-police t-shirt on the day two officers got shot, has attracted quite a lot of attention in the press. But two facts about the case have been kept … Continue reading

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ATOS kills – the words that sank a website.

As reported on the Void recently, ATOS have been trying to censor websites carrying content that criticised them. Here’s the article that they don’t want you to read: Atos Macht Frei – Atos Origin Team Up With Gas Chamber Firm! Atos … Continue reading

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