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Help Ferguson prisoner Josh Williams make parole

From the new Free Josh Williams support site:   Josh is up for parole in June of 2020. In order to strengthen his chances for release, he needs letters that attest to his character and the support he’ll have once … Continue reading

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Mid-April round-up: new resources, upcoming calls and more

A few potentially useful links: Peach-tree Pear-tree has a small but good resources section, including a basic mutual aid guide and know your rights cards for interacting with the police during coronavirus restrictions. Shut the Sites, the call to close … Continue reading

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Upcoming solidarity events with Russian antifascist prisoners and Kevan Thakrar

Two important anti-repression events coming up in London in the near future: On Thursday 27 February, there’s a solidarity demo with the Russian anarchist and antifascist prisoners at 6:30pm outside the Russian Embassy, 6/7 Kensington Palace Gardens, W8 4QP. This … Continue reading

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Prisons update for mid-November, take two: updates on Herman Bell, Kara Wild and others

Having just published a round-up of prison-related news a few days ago, a whole bunch of stuff’s gone up since then that seems worth including: Kara Wild, the Chicago anarchist convicted of helping damage a cop car during the revolt … Continue reading

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Legal/courts/prisons update for mid-November

A few pieces of news related to courts, prisons and the legal system: Here in the UK, the Clydeside IWW are asking people to join them at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Thursday December 7th to support one of their members … Continue reading

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Solidarity against the fear: remember the Ferguson rebels

So, as you may have noticed, the USA has a new president. Quite a lot has been said about it, and I don’t really have anything to say about it that hasn’t been said better by others already. I don’t … Continue reading

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US prison struggles: latest calls for support

As the wave of revolt in the US prison system continues, more and more people are finding themselves targeted for reprisals by the prison authorities. These people are taking incredible risks to challenge an unjust system, and knowing that there’s … Continue reading

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Boxing day round-up: news of repression, housing struggles, workplace disputes and more

It’s been a while, but I’ve finally got around to catching up with the news and events I’ve been meaning to share over the last month or two. In repression news, Shilan Ozcelik is still inside after having been convicted … Continue reading

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Folk who could use some cash, folk who could use a kind word or two.

I’ve been meaning to do a proper round-up for a while now, but been seriously lacking time and energy lately. I’m still pretty low on both, but just wanted to quickly plug some practical things you can do that would … Continue reading

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