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A year in the shadow of bullets and ballots: looking back at 2015

Saying you prefer bullets to ballots is often used as a shorthand for wanting revolutionary change rather than working within the system. But in fact, the politics of armed struggle and electoralism can have a surprising amount in common – … Continue reading

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From Jez-pair to where?

A few more thoughts on the Corbyn phenomenon (and apologies for how many times I’ve returned to the subject now, but it’s only because everyone else seems to keep on banging on about it as well): Firstly, an admission. Like … Continue reading

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Say it like you mean it: a post-script on Corbyn, commitment and honesty

A few further thoughts on what I’d see as the problems with the Corbyn campaign: at some point, it becomes necessary for any campaign to confront the question of whether it’s likely, or even possible, to win, and what it … Continue reading

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Reasons why we should oppose pretty much everything Labour ever does

So, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, there’s an insane amount of exciting stuff going on at the moment, both at home and internationally. This being the case, it’d seem a bit perverse to  briefly summarise a lot of … Continue reading

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