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Say it like you mean it: a post-script on Corbyn, commitment and honesty

A few further thoughts on what I’d see as the problems with the Corbyn campaign: at some point, it becomes necessary for any campaign to confront the question of whether it’s likely, or even possible, to win, and what it … Continue reading

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As soon as this left unity appeal finishes…

“Left unity” is an idea that’s been discussed many times before, not least on this very blog, but it seems to keep on cropping up again and again. It’s hard to work out what actual content there is to the … Continue reading

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Can’t we all just get along? Thoughts on class unity and anti-capitalist unity

A number of new radical groups have emerged over the last year. Among them is the Anti-Capitalist Initiative, which seems to have been set up by a number of activists who come from a Trotskyist background, but are willing to … Continue reading

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