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If you tolerate this, then your parents will be next.

It’s a full week since the riots started, and several days since they started to die down, so where are we now? New pieces of analysis are continuing to come out: I’d recommend the Commune’s “Or Does It Explode?”, ALARM’s … Continue reading

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As Britain burns, all easy answers go up in smoke

As it happens, I’d been meaning to write a fairly abstract theoretical piece about roles, anonymity, lulzsec and the Black Bloc; I still hope to get around to that at some point, but the events of the last few days have … Continue reading

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Dancing in the streets: Reflections on March 26th

To start off with, it’s worth admitting that the end of my last post was a bit of excitable pre-demo hyperbole. I forgot to consider what actually happened, which was that there’d be some disorder that the cops and stewards … Continue reading

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