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Commemorating, and learning from, the Miners’ Strike: events in March

There’s a few events coming up in early March related to the great miners’ strike of 1984-85 and its legacy. First off, in Wakefield on Saturday 4th March, there’s the annual With Banners Held High event, featuring various discussions of … Continue reading

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Ealing drama: call to support warehouse workers organising in West London

A group of warehouse workers in West London are asking for supporters to help an ongoing organising project. The Angry Workers of the World collective, who have previously organised a successful action to recover unpaid wages from a temp agency, … Continue reading

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Cleaners occupy Guildhall in London

Hot on the heels of the Vita Cortex occupation in Cork, cleaners at the Corporation of London’s Guildhall, who already have an impressive record of struggle, have also gone into occupation. According to their press release: Cleaners are staging a … Continue reading

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Egypt, England, solidarity and selfishness

Obviously,  the ongoing Egyptian revolt’s pretty much the biggest story happening at the moment, but I really don’t have enough background knowledge of the situation to offer any kind of informed, original analysis of it, so if I tried to … Continue reading

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Today Tunisia, tomorrow Egypt, the world some time after that

So, it’s been a busy week or so since I last wrote anything on here. The revolt in Tunisia’s really taken off, and the uprising in Egypt seems like a promising sign that the unrest could have the potential to … Continue reading

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They hold the scissors, we hold the rock

So, continuing my run of bad timing, I managed to write that piece about how we should engage with the media more just before that Jody McIntyre “rolling towards the police” interview happened. Having said that, I would still claim … Continue reading

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