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2017: those that got away, those that we lost

Around this time of year, I usually try to do a kind of annual review. This time round, I really don’t feel up to that task, even in the limited terms of “news related to fields that I take an … Continue reading

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Memorial fund to support Mark Fisher’s family

Friends and comrades of the late Mark Fisher have set up a collection for his bereaved wife and child. They explain they “have set up this collection to raise money for them, in the hope that it will allow them … Continue reading

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RIP Mark Fisher

It’s always sad to hear about someone you respected dying, and there’s a strange sense of guilt that goes along with it when your main public engagement with their ideas involved pointing out (sometimes quite forcefully) where you thought they … Continue reading

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That joke isn’t funny anymore: on satire, nostalgia and class

I recently encountered an article by Mark Fisher about satire and class, which are two subjects I’m quite interested in. However, I’m also quite sceptical of some of the arguments he makes, so I thought it was worth examining why. … Continue reading

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Vampires aren’t actually real, though. Class is: a reply to Mark Fisher’s castle of bollocks

2017 disclaimer: For obvious reasons, I feel a bit weird about people reading this piece now. If you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead, then having a permanent public reminder that you spoke ill of them while they were living … Continue reading

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Electoral realism – a reply to Mark Fisher

Mark Fisher is one of the most prominent anti-capitalist thinkers around in the UK at the moment, and his book Capitalist Realism is a well-respected and widely-cited text. Personally, I have to admit that I’ve not got around to reading … Continue reading

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