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Anarcho/class struggle event listings for late March

A quick list of upcoming events: This weekend will see stuff happening in Bristol, Barnsley and Birmingham, as Bristol antifascists are hosting a fundraiser, women involved in the South Yorkshire Women Against Pit Closures campaign are launching a book about … Continue reading

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Refuse workers refuse work: early April round-up of workplace and social struggles

A quick overview of ongoing workplace disputes, social struggles, and other relevant events: The cleaners’ and porters’ dispute at the Royal Opera House is still ongoing, with the nightly protests set to continue from Tuesday 3rd April onwards. People can … Continue reading

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Picket lines and court dates – pre-May Day round-up

On Monday 24th, the Jobstown trials against Irish water protestors will begin. It looks like the SP/NSSN are organising a solidarity protest outside the Irish Embassy in London on the first day of the trial on Monday April 24th at … Continue reading

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April round-up: workplace, housing, and other news

For various reasons, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post much on here. I still don’t have a huge amount to write about at the moment, but I thought I’d throw together a few links to things … Continue reading

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Bins, buses and bossnappings: post-May Day round-up

So, it’s been a while since May Day, and the excitement of having a holiday born out of the class struggle has faded a bit. May Day was born out of the struggle for an eight-hour-day, which was an attempt … Continue reading

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May Day and beyond: Late April/early May round-up

So, the strike yesterday wasn’t the only thing to happen in the last few weeks, a fair few other things have happened that I didn’t get around to covering. A fortnight ago, anti-abortion campaigners held protests up and down the … Continue reading

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May 1886 to April 2011 – 125 years of repression

First off, apologies to anyone confused by the formatting screw-up on my previous post, which should now be fixed. That ECAP story was good, but not so good that I needed to turn my entire post into a big link … Continue reading

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