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Early September class struggle events listing: lessons from Wapping, victimised union reps, NHS pay, Debenhams redundancies and more…

A few upcoming events: The Let’s Get Rooted network, who put out a pretty much constant stream of interesting writing, are hosting an online meeting on Thursday 10th about the 1986 Wapping strike, the unofficial strike bulletin “Picket”, and the … Continue reading

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NHS pay demos, Saturday 8th August, and Builder’s Crack movie now online

Two quick updates: Saturday 8th August will see protests by NHS workers and their supporters across the country in response to the government leaving them out of an already-measly public sector pay increase: NHS workers across the country are organising … Continue reading

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Recent workplace wins: TGI Fridays, Bolton NHS and a London climbing centre

A few recent workplace victories I forgot to include in my last round-up: At TGI Fridays, the recent strikes have led to some gains. “A series of well-publicized strikes (click here, here and here for more) over tipping and minimum … Continue reading

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Ubereats wildcat continues and spreads to Plymouth: workplace round-up for mid-September

An attempt at a slightly fuller round-up of recent and ongoing struggles, mainly workplace-focused: Notes from Below have published a more indepth write-up of the Ubereats wildcat, and the latest news is that the strike seems to have spread to … Continue reading

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To start off with, thoughts on the Tower Hamlets EDL demo: clearly, overall the state was in control the whole day, which is never good news for us. There were three moments that were clear positives on the day: the … Continue reading

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It only takes one spark…

At the moment, there’s a lot of fuss being made about the English Defence League’s threatened march through Tower Hamlets. So far, there’s only one aspect of the story which has really caught my attention, which is the threat by … Continue reading

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We have the beauty on our side: International round-up

To try and counter-act the usual UK-centric focus of the blog, here’s a round-up of some international stories that’ve caught my eye recently: In the US, grocery store cleaners in Minneapolis have launched a hunger strike against their starvation wages. … Continue reading

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