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Palestine solidarity, anti-raids, and more: Mid-May events listing

General notes: the Anarchist Communist Group have a report from yesterday’s heroic resistance in Glasgow which is worth a read, and waste and recycling workers at Thurrock Council who’ve been out on strike against pay cuts since April 13 have … Continue reading

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No more deaths from border violence: Home Office protest, Monday 9th July, 17:30 onwards

In response to the death of a 23-year-old Sudanese man during an immigration raid in Newport, a short-notice protest has been called outside the Home Office for the afternoon of Monday 9th July. Organisers write: “On Saturday 30 June, immigration … Continue reading

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A year in the shadow of bullets and ballots: looking back at 2015

Saying you prefer bullets to ballots is often used as a shorthand for wanting revolutionary change rather than working within the system. But in fact, the politics of armed struggle and electoralism can have a surprising amount in common – … Continue reading

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Late October round-up: speaking tours, court dates, eviction resistance and more

Another round-up of upcoming events and the like: Following on from the bookfair, there are at least two speaking tours happening with anarchist speakers visiting the country: scott crow will be speaking at various locations on creating power from below … Continue reading

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