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Occupation of Vita Cortex plant continues in Cork.

There doesn’t seem to have been much written about the ongoing occupation by Vita Cortex workers in Cork, so I thought I’d repost the Workers Solidarity Movement’s account to try and raise awareness of the fact that they’re still committed … Continue reading

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Time to head indoors? Highlights from a busy week

It’s been a dramatic week. In Greece, the annual commemoration of the uprising that brought down the last military dictatorship has taken on a new significance as a new unelected government takes power, and Occupied London and Contra-Info both have … Continue reading

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Thoughts on occupations and 99%ism

The Occupy movement has really taken off pretty dramatically. I don’t have anything like the ability to summarise everything that’s happened, so here’s a round-up of good sources: Libcom’s Occupy Wall Street tag is still probably the best place to … Continue reading

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