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May Day and beyond: Late April/early May round-up

So, the strike yesterday wasn’t the only thing to happen in the last few weeks, a fair few other things have happened that I didn’t get around to covering. A fortnight ago, anti-abortion campaigners held protests up and down the … Continue reading

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Time to head indoors? Highlights from a busy week

It’s been a dramatic week. In Greece, the annual commemoration of the uprising that brought down the last military dictatorship has taken on a new significance as a new unelected government takes power, and Occupied London and Contra-Info both have … Continue reading

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On Oakland: A port shuts down, new possibilities open up

If anyone was in any doubt, last Wednesday’s events in Oakland revealed that we truly are living in exciting times. For the first time, the growing Occupy movement went beyond just occupying public space, and actively disrupted the economy. No … Continue reading

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Thoughts on occupations and 99%ism

The Occupy movement has really taken off pretty dramatically. I don’t have anything like the ability to summarise everything that’s happened, so here’s a round-up of good sources: Libcom’s Occupy Wall Street tag is still probably the best place to … Continue reading

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Embarrassing self-congratulation/promotion time.

So, it’s been a whole year since I started writing this shite. I felt like commemorating the anniversary in some way, and decided that making a printable zine/pamphlet wasn’t really any more egotistical than writing a blog is, so I’ve … Continue reading

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