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Repression round-up for late September: entrapment in Northern Ireland, solidarity with the Belarus uprising, and more

A quick round-up of repression-related news across a few different countries: In the UK, MI5 has been involved with a major police operation against dissident Irish Republicans, which seems to involve straightforward entrapment against at least some defendants. According to … Continue reading

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2017: those that got away, those that we lost

Around this time of year, I usually try to do a kind of annual review. This time round, I really don’t feel up to that task, even in the limited terms of “news related to fields that I take an … Continue reading

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“Operation Fenix” trial of Czech anarchists ends with all defendants acquitted

Over the last few years, anarchists in the Czech Republic have found themselves targeted by a crackdown called “Operation Fenix”, which, in classic state fashion, claims its justification as a result of plots which were started by undercover police officers. … Continue reading

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Repression round-up: news from courts and prisons in the UK, Eastern Europe and the USA

A brief disclaimer: I’d been working on this post on and off for a few days now. The fascist killing yesterday feels like it needs some kind of a response, but I don’t know exactly what, and I really don’t … Continue reading

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