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Russian dolls and Russian tragedies: some thoughts on Marxism, facebook and shitting yourself

Trigger warning for content related to rape and domestic violence. It’s been a bad year for the top-down, hierarchical organisations that dominate the left. First, the attempted cover-up of a rape led the Socialist Workers’ Party into a lengthy, messy, … Continue reading

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I haven’t written anything interesting in a while, but some other people have.

So, it’s been a while since I wrote anything substantial on here. I still don’t feel up to writing that much, but I wanted to quickly highlight a few things I’ve read recently that I thought were interesting. On the … Continue reading

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One of these days I’m gonna get organizized: some thoughts on organisation

I’ve spent a while trying to work out what I think about revolutionary organisations, and the last month or so has seen quite a few pieces that’ve prompted me to think about the issue a bit more: over on this … Continue reading

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