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Release the names now! Royal Courts of Justice, 9am, Wednesday 5th April

Passing on this call from the Police Spies Out of Lives campaign – I know I’m extremely late in sharing it, but in case anyone can make it along at this short notice, better late than never: “Join us to … Continue reading

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The centre cannot hold: 2016 in review

So, this was a pretty brutal year in a lot of ways. It wasn’t all grim all the time, but there was certainly more than enough pain and misery to go around. This is an attempt to try and trace … Continue reading

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Late March round-up: prisons, anti-fascism, workplace news and more…

As ever, there’s a lot going on. To start off with, two quick pieces from the US prison system: the comrades at Anti-State St Louis have put together a list of people in prison who’ve either been convicted of, or … Continue reading

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Unquiet pasts: mid-February round-up

When doing a general class-struggle round-up, it’d be a serious omission to not have anything about the doctors’ strike, but I also don’t have anything particularly new to say about it either: you know where your nearest hospitals are, and … Continue reading

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