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Resisting ISIS is not a crime: stand with Shilan!

In the wake of the horrific massacres in Paris and Beirut, hopefully we can all agree that wanting to resist ISIS should not be criminalised. Sadly, the Crown Prosecution Service doesn’t seem to see it that way, and so, as … Continue reading

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Stand with Bahar Mustafa and Tony Cox: once again on free speech and liberty

When I first heard about the controversy over Bahar Mustafa making some jokes on the internet, I dismissed it as being pretty much a big fuss over nothing: some students with nothing better to do getting all worked up over … Continue reading

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Hey student! You’re still not saying anything.

The round of articles, replies, and further replies about Kurdistan continues to roll on and on. We now have Stefan Bertram-Lee’s “Dear Mr. Anarchist, you aren’t listening”, which (for those who haven’t been paying attention) is a reply to Peter … Continue reading

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Dear people writing articles on the internet, how would you feel about maybe having a chat about practice?

As the social experiment in Rojava continues, so the mountain of statements, counter-statements, and counter-counter-statements from Western radicals analysing the situation continues to grow higher. One of the latest offerings is Petar Stanchev’s “Mr. Anarchist, we need to have a … Continue reading

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We are alone, and not actually anywhere near Kobane: a response to Rabble

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article on the situation in Rojava, and what we can, or indeed can’t, do to affect things there, in response to an article from the Anarkismo group, which in turn was a response … Continue reading

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Practical politics and reveries of Rojava: a response to the Anarkismo group on self-organisation and representation

Over the last few months, events in Rojava, where autonomous Kurdish communities have come under attack from the Islamic State, have attracted an ever-growing amount of attention, not least from various anarchist and leftist factions trying to define what the … Continue reading

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