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Justice for Daz: March against police killing in Nuneaton, Saturday 29th July

Friends and family of Darren “Daz” Cumberbatch, a young black man who died after coming into contact with Nuneaton police, will be marching on Nuneaton police station at 1pm on Saturday 29th July. They state: “1pm We meet outside Nuneaton … Continue reading

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Justice for Edson: Forest Gate police station, 2pm, Sunday 25 June

According to BLM UK: “Clarification: The protest for Edson tommorow is NOT cancelled. Conflicting messages floating around. A lot of pressure seems to have been exerted by the police to make sure it doesnt go ahead. Family have formally withdrawn … Continue reading

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Police killing of Yassar Yaqub in West Yorkshire brings angry response

I’ve not been able to find any first-hand accounts or anything like that of the situation, but the Bradford Telegraph & Argus has a write-up, and there’s a bit more from the BBC. I won’t link to it, but I … Continue reading

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“I’m trying to tell you it’s a purgatory”: support Ceebo!

Ceebo, the rapper and organiser who became active in anti-police brutality struggles after the LAPD killed his cousin Ezell Ford earlier this summer, has now been sentenced to 17 years in prison on the basis of a very dubious conviction. … Continue reading

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“One less pig; perfect justice” – grieving father jailed for t-shirt

The story of Barry Thew, the Manchester man jailed for wearing an anti-police t-shirt on the day two officers got shot, has attracted quite a lot of attention in the press. But two facts about the case have been kept … Continue reading

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Hate-filled thugs in violent rampage

Once again, I don’t really have anything particularly new or interesting to say, so here’s a collection of stories that’ve caught my eye over the last week or so. The main theme tying a lot of this stuff together is … Continue reading

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