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Justice for Rash – police killing in Hackney

News is coming in that police officers killed a young black man in Hackney last night. See the #justiceforrash hashtag for more updates as they come in. The video of the killing is available here, if you feel you need … Continue reading

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Police killing of Yassar Yaqub in West Yorkshire brings angry response

I’ve not been able to find any first-hand accounts or anything like that of the situation, but the Bradford Telegraph & Argus has a write-up, and there’s a bit more from the BBC. I won’t link to it, but I … Continue reading

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Rotherham 12 trial: latest updates

The Rotherham 12 Defence Campaign are asking people to join them outside Sheffield Crown Court on Tuesday 1 November, as that’ll be the day the defence start to make their case. The campaign blog also has some news from court … Continue reading

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Hate-filled thugs in violent rampage

Once again, I don’t really have anything particularly new or interesting to say, so here’s a collection of stories that’ve caught my eye over the last week or so. The main theme tying a lot of this stuff together is … Continue reading

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May 1886 to April 2011 – 125 years of repression

First off, apologies to anyone confused by the formatting screw-up on my previous post, which should now be fixed. That ECAP story was good, but not so good that I needed to turn my entire post into a big link … Continue reading

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Not all coppers are bastards

The title of this post isn’t really a view I ever expected to find myself expressing. To put it mildly, I am really not a fan of the fucking filth. But I have to admit that I am genuinely impressed … Continue reading

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Egypt, England, solidarity and selfishness

Obviously,  the ongoing Egyptian revolt’s pretty much the biggest story happening at the moment, but I really don’t have enough background knowledge of the situation to offer any kind of informed, original analysis of it, so if I tried to … Continue reading

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