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Prison organiser Rashid Johnson facing victimisation – urgent call for support

Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, a revolutionary prisoner incarcerated in Texas, is currently facing intense hostility from staff retaliating against him for exposing previous abuses. If you can ring US numbers, then please call the following people: Call his prison: William Clements … Continue reading

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Folsom Prison blues: inmates launch hunger strike, ask for calls and emails in support

As of May 25th, inmates at California’s notorious Folsom State Prison have launched a hunger strike in protest against unbearable living conditions. They’re asking for people to contact the following officials in support of their action: Chief Deputy Inspector General … Continue reading

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UK prison news for early May

A few pieces of news relevant to the subject of UK prisons: Kent Anti-Racism Network report that one of their comrades has just been jailed for taking part in the resistance to last year’s nazi marches in Dover. They don’t … Continue reading

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US legal/repression news: Harold Gonzalez released from solitary, new charges brought against J20 arrestees

Two quick updates from the US: In Michigan, Harold “HH” Gonzalez, who was threatened with up to two years in solitary confinement for his role as a spokesperson for the Kinross uprising, has now been told that he’s due to … Continue reading

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Support for the Allegheny County Jail strike

On 18th March, about 80 prisoners at Allegheny County Jail launched a 24-hour strike, with the following demands: 1. Permit the [Allegheny County] Justice Project to have immediate access to the ACJ as volunteer interns, with designated areas within the … Continue reading

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Late September-early October round-up

The next few weeks look to be busy ones in all sorts of ways. Over the next few days, a “festival of ideas and actions” called LSE Resist will be happening in London, which sounds like it’ll have all kinds … Continue reading

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The autumn weather sets the leaves to flame: disability, workplace, and prison struggles for a flaming September

The next few weeks look to be quite busy for a number of different struggles. Disabled People Against Cuts are calling for a week of action to coincide with the Paralympic Games – there’ll be stuff happening from September 4th-10th, … Continue reading

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