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Inappropriate feelings: on armed grumpiness and emotional sabotage

It’s strange to notice how often we’re told how to feel. It happens on a small, daily scale – it’s especially noticeable for people who work in customer service, but in general almost everyone who has a job is told … Continue reading

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TUC calls for 364 days of inaction

Over the past week, the media have worked themselves up into hysterics over the TUC’s announcement of a day of action on November 30th. But, as always, what they don’t mention is as important as what they do: in this … Continue reading

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Spreading the idea of occupations

One issue that anyone who’s involved in revolutionary politics and still has some grasp on reality has to deal with sooner or later is that, most of the time, what we do is pretty much pointless. Outside revolutionary situations, our … Continue reading

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