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Interviews on surviving the Milo Seattle shooting, and helping with a mass escape from a detention center

Just to flag up two new audio interviews that have gone out over the last few days: Over in Seattle, someone interviewed the Industrial Workers of the World/General Defence Committee comrade who was shot while opposing a Milo talk there. … Continue reading

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Fundraiser for antifascist and IWW member shot in Seattle

On Friday night, someone was shot at a protest in Seattle against prominent alt-right bigot Milo Yiannopoulos. His comrades are now fundraising for his hospital bills, loss of income while unable to work, and any potential legal costs that might … Continue reading

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Action against rip-off temp agency, Wednesday 13th August, London

This upcoming action against a rip-off temp agency in West London looks worth attending if you can make it, or helping to publicise if you can’t: ACTION TO GET OUR HOLIDAY PAY!! We are 4 agency workers, on minimum wage, … Continue reading

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House raids and mass arrests: the Black Scare is well under way

Recent events have made it clear just how serious repression is likely to get in the near future. As yesterday’s mass arrest in London shows, repression during the Olympics is likely to be very widespread, targeting anyone who even looks … Continue reading

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Outside and ignored by the unions: a few links for the 89%

I’d just like to share a few very different things I’ve found recently. Some of them are very serious, others less so, but in different ways I think they all say something about the situation of those of us who … Continue reading

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BREAKING NEWS: Pig bites man

The Metropolitan Police’s request for information on anarchists seems to be getting a fair bit of media attention. SolFed and Freedom Press have both managed to skillfully get some free publicity out of it, proving that it’s possible to engage … Continue reading

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