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Builder’s Crack film premiere, Thursday 30th July, and more workplace and repression news and events

A few events listings: On Tuesday 28th, minicab drivers organised through the drivers’ branch of the IWGB are holding a car demo in London demanding that the congestion charge exemption for cab drivers be restored. On Thursday 30th, a long-lost … Continue reading

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The Oakland Commune calls for a general strike

Things have been pretty intense in Oakland the last few days, as the police have moved in to evict the occupation, fractured the skull of a 24-year-old Iraq veteran named Scott Olsen, and ended up taking the struggle to a … Continue reading

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A chance to start writing ourselves back into the story.

I’ve already plugged the rank-and-file electricians’ network quite a few times on this blog. Today I’m going to do it again, because I believe that the current struggle taking place against attacks on wages and conditions across the construction sector … Continue reading

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To start off with, thoughts on the Tower Hamlets EDL demo: clearly, overall the state was in control the whole day, which is never good news for us. There were three moments that were clear positives on the day: the … Continue reading

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