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Mid-February workplace round-up: Deliveroo, cinemas, cleaners and more…

A quick round-up of ongoing workplace issues across a few different areas and sectors: In Brighton, Deliveroo workers are still counting down the days to see if management will agree to their demands or if they’ll have to take further … Continue reading

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Social strike strategising and microwave moussaka militancy

Two quick plugs: first off, registrations are now open for the Transnational Social Strike Assembly that’ll be happening in London in February. The organisers say: “Following on from meetings in Poznan, Poland and Paris, France, we will be in London … Continue reading

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Upcoming events: Remembering Yassar, action against deportations, social strike planning and Orgreave

A few dates for your diary over the next few months: There will be a gathering at Junction 24 on the M62 at 5:00 on Monday 9th to commemorate the one week anniversary of Mohammed Yassar Yaqub’s killing by the … Continue reading

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Little acorns, mighty oaks, and barren wastelands: a reply to the AWL on unions and strategy

Dan Randall’s now published a reply to my comments on his critique of the social strike. The discussion strays quite far from the original topic, but is still worth a read for anyone interested in conversations about strategy across different … Continue reading

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Nothing new under the sun? A response to Workers’ Liberty on the social strike

A recent article by Daniel Randall on the Workers’ Liberty website tackles the idea of the social strike, as promoted by Plan C. I’m not a member of either group, but I’ve found the ongoing discussion around the social strike … Continue reading

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More notes on the social strike

Plan C have been busy recently – their Teesside group have a new writing project, Luxcom, that looks to be worth paying attention to, and they also have a new interview up tracing the origins of the “social strike” idea, … Continue reading

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On SATs, strategy and the social strike

On August 9th, 2014, police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown. While police killings of young black people may be almost routine in the US, what followed was very far from routine, as angry protests and riots erupted … Continue reading

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I wouldn’t start from here: more thoughts on social strikes and directional demands

The ongoing debate started by Keir Milburn’s article about social strikes and directional demands, and continued by useful contributions from the Angry Workers of the World collective and now Australian blogger withsobersenses, is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in … Continue reading

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