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On “infighting” and the left

A fair amount of the stuff I write is made up of criticisms of various parts of the left. Lefties and anarchists famously spend a vast amount of their time arguing with each other, and a lot of people, understandably, … Continue reading

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Two funerals and a wedding: Catching up with the latest anarchist and socialist gossip

To start off with, a direct action round-up: the latest day of action against benefit cuts was marked by an invasion of the Daily Mail’s Glasgow offices, a picket against ATOS Origin in Liverpool, and similar protests around the country. … Continue reading

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Some signs of life.

News round-up: The class war continues to heat up in the US as Wisconsin slowly moves towards a general strike. A high school walkout on Friday got a response from around the country, firefighters managed to shut down a bank … Continue reading

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How to argue badly – a lesson in dishonesty from the Alliance for Workers’ Liberty

So, to start off with, a brief round-up of things that have actually happened in the real world that it’s reasonable to care about: University College London went into occupation last week, and Hackney, Haringey and Camden can all be … Continue reading

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Reasons why we should oppose pretty much everything Labour ever does

So, as I’ve mentioned in my previous post, there’s an insane amount of exciting stuff going on at the moment, both at home and internationally. This being the case, it’d seem a bit perverse to  briefly summarise a lot of … Continue reading

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No sympathy for Sheridan

I realise that this is completely last week’s news – there are plenty of important things that have happened since then, and if I was going to write about a court verdict at the moment, I should probably be celebrating … Continue reading

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Today Tunisia, tomorrow Egypt, the world some time after that

So, it’s been a busy week or so since I last wrote anything on here. The revolt in Tunisia’s really taken off, and the uprising in Egypt seems like a promising sign that the unrest could have the potential to … Continue reading

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