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Labour’s future isn’t working: notes from October 20th

So, the latest lefty Big Day Out has come and gone. These kinds of events are always contradictory: simultaneously a gathering of huge numbers of workers who want to take some kind of action to stop their lives getting worse, … Continue reading

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Being right isn’t always a good thing.

As anyone who reads this blog on a vaguely regular basis will know, I have some ideas that I bang on about in a fairly repetitive fashion. In particular, one of the fundamental themes underlying my politics is the idea … Continue reading

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TUC calls for 364 days of inaction

Over the past week, the media have worked themselves up into hysterics over the TUC’s announcement of a day of action on November 30th. But, as always, what they don’t mention is as important as what they do: in this … Continue reading

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You’re talking a lot, but you’re not saying anything – more thoughts on March 26th and the “violent minority”

Since the media storm over March 26th hasn’t quite died down yet – my new favourite piece of journalism is the Evening Standard’s stunning revelation that anarchists sometimes take their masks off and wear normal clothes – I thought it … Continue reading

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