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Global resistance to app capitalism and the gig economy

Across the world, workers are finding our jobs and lives reshaped by the new precarious forms of employment associated with app companies like Uber and Deliveroo, and wherever these new conditions arrive, people are fighting back. Since the start of … Continue reading

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Uber, Deliveroo, and other precarious/gig economy updates

A few recent-ish updates: Uber have lost their appeal against the employment tribunal that ruled that Uber drivers are workers; meanwhile, Deliveroo have managed to get a ruling that Deliveroo drivers are not workers, showing how tricky these kinds of … Continue reading

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Late August round-up of workplace and other news

A quick round-up of ongoing/upcoming workplace struggles and other events: In the logistics sector, warehouse workers at Argos are currently striking to try and win an agreement on redundancy and severance packages. The affected sites are in Basildon in Essex, … Continue reading

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McStrike coming up on September 4th, and other workplace news

Following the successful vote for action, it’s now been confirmed that McDonald’s staff at two stores, one in South-East London and one in Cambridge, will be walking out, over a mixture of local grievances and a general demand for better … Continue reading

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Uber strike heats up: scab cabs get lit, Bengaluru joins in

The latest news from the Uber/Ola strike in India appears to show that the strike is both spreading and becoming more militant: Drivers in Bengaluru, which is in Karntaka, a very long way south of where the strike appears to … Continue reading

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Organising outside formal unions in the app economy: updates from the Delhi drivers’ strike

The negotiations between a drivers’ union and the app-based cab companies Ola and Uber seem to have hit a deadlock for now. But the formal negotiations with union representatives are less interesting than what’s happening outside of official union structures. … Continue reading

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Uber-pissed off: drivers in dispute from Delhi to Doha

Mention the words “Uber” and “strike” together in the English-speaking world and people might be likely to think of the backlash against the company for breaking the New York taxi strike against Trump’s immigration ban. But Uber drivers are far … Continue reading

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