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Stand up to repression: defend Mark Harding

These are the bail conditions that were imposed on Mark Harding, a tube worker who was arrested during last week’s strike for asking a strikebreaker to respect the picket line. There’s going to be a meeting in the Exmouth Arms … Continue reading

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2011 eternal – bitter notes from the budget/groundhog day strike

Yesterday saw one of the first big strikes for about a year, as members of the PCS took action in what the union is promising will be an ongoing campaign of action. The picket lines I visited seemed quite mixed: … Continue reading

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Unions kiss Remploy goodbye

In a grimly predictable move, the Remploy strike scheduled for this Monday has been called off. The official union statement doesn’t seem to be available anywhere except on the Socialist Party and Right to Work websites – neither group seems … Continue reading

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A slow, quiet death – reflections on the May 10th strikes.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but I found that today was a pretty emotionally affecting day, and not in a good way. The pensions dispute’s probably been effectively over for a while, ever since the union tops killed it … Continue reading

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May 10th – a day to show our weakness.

After four and a half painful months of total inaction, the trade unions are now planning their next step in the pensions dispute, with a one-day strike in early May being backed by Unite’s health sector, the PCS, and potentially … Continue reading

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On strikes, socialists and sellouts.

This post comes about a week late, since I’ve been busy recently, and it’s harder to motivate yourself to sit around writing articles when the weather’s this nice. Anyway, having spent my previous post criticising the tendency of many lefties … Continue reading

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Being right isn’t always a good thing.

As anyone who reads this blog on a vaguely regular basis will know, I have some ideas that I bang on about in a fairly repetitive fashion. In particular, one of the fundamental themes underlying my politics is the idea … Continue reading

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What would it actually mean to generalise the November 30th strikes?

As an anarchist, I want to see mass, decentralised, open, non-hierarchical movements taking effective action to disrupt the structures that control and dominate us. Recently, we’ve seen quite a few decentralised, non-hierarchical movements, and the public sector strikes at the … Continue reading

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TUC calls for 364 days of inaction

Over the past week, the media have worked themselves up into hysterics over the TUC’s announcement of a day of action on November 30th. But, as always, what they don’t mention is as important as what they do: in this … Continue reading

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The media vs. the union leaders – don’t take sides, make sides!

To briefly summarise developments over the last few days: the struggle in Greece continues to escalate (as ever, Occupied London is the best source for updates, and contra-info is also worth a look), China may be on the verge of … Continue reading

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