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Hunting for a red October: events round-up for the next few weeks

There’s quite a lot of important events happening over the next few weeks. Some of them have been quite widely publicised, others less so, but here’s a round-up of events that look worth attending over the next month or so: … Continue reading

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Is the bedroom tax beaten in Scotland?

The Scottish government have voted to make £50 million available to tenants to cover the cost of the bedroom tax. So far, I’ve seen very little discussion of this, especially not from any kind of critical perspective. I know the … Continue reading

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Ongoing struggles: Atos, Shetland Gas, Focus E15 Mothers

Just a quick round-up of a few recent/ongoing struggles that don’t seem to have attracted much attention: First, there’s been a call-out for a national day of demos against Atos on February 19th. The organisers have been very ambitious in … Continue reading

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Another year for the locust: an attempt at a review of 2013

Another year gone by. It’s hard to know what to make of this one. 2011 felt like a year when things were starting to change, and new possibilities opened up; cycles of struggles never proceed neatly, and some of the … Continue reading

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Know your rights at the jobcentre: refusing changes to your Jobseeker’s Agreement

Yesterday’s confusing court decision on workfare showed two things: firstly, that it’s possible to use the DWP’s own rules and regulations to trip them up, but also that, since they get to write the rules, they’ll usually manage to rewrite … Continue reading

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Are jobcentres bullying claimants illegally?

Johnny Void’s consistently excellent coverage of welfare issues continues with a new article on Universal Jobmatch and the importance of not consenting to being monitored by the DWP. Perhaps the most interesting thing about the article is not the article … Continue reading

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Jobmatch: the latest news, and a few thoughts on where next.

Today, Iain Duncan Smith confirmed that Jobmatch is going to become compulsory in the New Year. Channel 4 News, the Independent and the Telegraph all have good critical articles on the story – the Telegraph’s coverage is particularly notable, as … Continue reading

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More thoughts on Jobmatch

As a general rule, I try to avoid writing too much about my own personal experiences, but since they’re directly relevant to the issue of Jobmatch, I’ll make an exception here. As many people who read my last post on … Continue reading

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“It was the Socialist Worker wot won it” – why are the government and media suddenly so interested in the SWP?

As a general rule, I don’t think it’s that useful to spend too much time talking about the various small Leninist groups, because I think they’re pretty much irrelevant: they definitely don’t have any real answers to the problems we … Continue reading

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