There’d be no point in me trying to put together a complete library of texts, there are enough of those out there already, so this is intended more as a collection of links to good printable materials, so any groups or individuals with access to a (double-sided) printer can quickly put together a decent collection of literature for stalls, bookfairs, demos, etc. Also includes lots of posters for decorating your occupation, social centre, or whatever else you think needs decorating, and a few collections of general graphics that might potentially be handy when designing your own stuff. This collection is obviously incomplete, suggestions are welcome.

Disclaimer: Lots of the sites I link to here have material which I’d disagree more-or-less strongly with. Make up your own mind, but if I link to a general collection of stuff, that certainly doesn’t mean I endorse everything in it.


Notes from Below bulletin collection (various organising bulletins)

Rebel Roo bulletin (Deliveroo workers’ organising bulletin)

Workers’ Wild West (West London workers’ paper)

Incarcerated Worker newsletter (published by the US-based Incarcerated Workers’ Organizing Committee)


Universal Jobmatch leaflet (unbranded, also available as PDF)

Operation Pandora solidarity flyer (made by Edinburgh SolFed, but in docx format so easily editable to change contact details)

International solidarity against local repressions (Antifenix)

You have the right to be accompanied to benefits interviews (Edinburgh Claimants, also available in rtf if you want to edit it to change contact details)

Solidarity with anarchist prisoner Emma Sheppard (Bristol ABC)

Co-op Atos flyers (hosted by Wessex Solidarity)

Workfare leaflets (various, collected by Wessex Solidarity)

How to avoid workfare (Boycott Workfare)

Anti-Fascist Network flyer

Anti-raids bustcard (Anti-Raids Network, available in various languages)

Education struggles leaflet (SolFed/unbranded)

Zabalaza books leaflet collection

Time to occupy our own lives (SolFed)

Don’t cross picket lines! (SolFed)

ATOS Origin leaflet (SolFed)

The stuff your New Deal office doesn’t want you to know (SolFed)

What is anarcho-syndicalism? (SolFed)

Everything We’ve Won: They Want It Back (AFed) (warning: I think this is designed for an A3 colour printer)

Radical Islington leaflets (workfare and bailiffs)

Why prisoner support? (Bristol ABC)

Your rights on arrest (Green & Black Cross)

Bustcards in several languages (Legal Defence & Monitoring Group)

Pamphlets: (be sure to check the collection of pamphlets linked to at the bottom as well)

Subversion press collection

Sprout Distro collection

Ruins of Capital collection

Zabalaza books pamphlet collection (South Africa based group, but almost all have international relevance, a huge range of stuff)

Anarchist Federation pamphlet collection (Most or all of them should be downloadable, I’d recommend the Introduction and Against Nationalism as being the best starting points)

Anti-cop uprising zine collection

Subversion Press collection

The Commune publications

Autonomous Workers Group/Casanova Printing collection

Something Changed: One extremist’s thoughts on twelve unquiet months (the best bits of the first year of this blog)

Starting an Anarchist Black Cross group: A guide

Incarcerated Workers Take the Lead: Prison Struggles in the United States 2008-2016 (Unity & Struggle)

A Defendant’s Guide: The Criminal Legal System for Radicals (Tilted Scales Collective – US-based)

To Struggle Means We’re Alive: Prisoners speak out on Ferguson, Baltimore, and the ongoing revolt against the police

Repression & Solidarity in Bristol (Bristol ABC/Emma Sheppard)

Dispatches from Ferguson: Vol 1 (Ferguson & Further/Anti-State St Louis)

Capitalism, Class and Class Struggle for Ex-Dummies (libcom)

Occupy! Your Guide to the International Occupation Movement

For Workers’ Control! – Lessons of recent struggles in the UK (SolFed)

Building a Solidarity Network guide (Seattle Solidarity Network)

Oh sit down! Accounts of strikes and workplace occupations (

“Too much of this sort of thing” – The Atos Two in political context (Nottingham Defence Campaign)

Internationalist Prison Books Collective resources

Anarchist Black Cross Federation resources

Bristol ABC collection

The Stuff Your Boss Doesn’t Want You to Know (SolFed)

B.A.S.T.A.R.D. Archive collection

KM Free Press collection

325 distro collection (warning: may contain both bad links and questionable insurrectionist politics)

Black Orchid Collective writings

Zine Library

Breaking Free: The Anarchist Adventures of Tin Tin (Attack International/Modesto Anarcho)

Said the Pot to the Kettle: Feminist Theory for Anarchist Men (Tangled Wilderness distro)

The Society of the Spectacle (Guy Debord)

Burnt Bookmobile collection

No Comment: The Defendant’s Guide to Arrest (Legal Defence & Monitoring Group)

Oplopanax publishing collection


Propagate collective posters, mainly around housing issues

13 people facing trial just for being anarchists (Operation Pandora poster)

They Wanted To Bury Us, But They Forgot We Are Seeds (Operation Pandora poster)

Say no to PLOs placard design (Network for Police Monitoring)

If you are stopped by UKBA officers in the street… (Anti-Raids Network, also available in Arabic and Spanish)

Calm Doesn’t Work (Ferguson & Further)

The Only Peace They Want (Ferguson & Further)

Posters from the Occupy movement

All out for pensions poster (SolFed/unbranded)

We will fight, we will kiss, London Cairo Rome Tunis (DSG)

SolFed posters

Generic anti-scabbing/pro-strike posters (SolFed)

Anarchist Media Project

Montreal Counter-Information posters

General Strike! (IWW/Erik Drooker)

Resist Injustice… Create Anarchy! (AFed)

Capitalism: Not Fit For Business (AFed) (Slightly dated, and very text-heavy, but not to the point of being unusable)

Do you suffer from alienation? (Alienated Ad Council)

We have a world of pleasures to win, and nothing to lose but boredom (

Run, comrade, the old world is behind you! (

Sheffield Occupation Publicity Bureau collection

Crimethinc posters

Crimethinc posters 2

Crimethinc posters 3

Zabalaza posters

Not My Government (Collection of radical posters with a hip-hop/graff aesthetic, some dodgy politics but some good stuff as well)

Against the violence of state and capital, our struggle is one! (325)

Every now and then, the poor are supposed to rise up and kill all the rich people. It’s, like, the only good thing about being poor. (Tangled Wilderness)

Mutual Aid & Co-operation (325/Bristol ABC)

Gazuedro poster collection (great aesthetic, shame about some of the pompous insurrectionist rhetoric)

Ztk2006 poster collection

Commie clipart:

IWW image gallery

Posters from the Spanish 15M movement

Spanish anarchist graphics

Gerd Arntz archive

Paris ’68 posters

Posters from the Arab Spring and the Spanish Indignados

German political posters

Radical graphics


Spunk image index

Radical activism visual archive

Pierce artwork

Kevis collection

Sabotsabot collection


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