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Ferguson round two: solidarity with the rebels everywhere, against all managers of revolt

To start off with, a round-up of useful sources for trying to keep on top of what’s been going on in Ferguson and elsewhere: Mask Magazine published this guide to the situation in the run-up to the Wilson verdict, and … Continue reading

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Practical politics and reveries of Rojava: a response to the Anarkismo group on self-organisation and representation

Over the last few months, events in Rojava, where autonomous Kurdish communities have come under attack from the Islamic State, have attracted an ever-growing amount of attention, not least from various anarchist and leftist factions trying to define what the … Continue reading


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“I’m trying to tell you it’s a purgatory”: support Ceebo!

Ceebo, the rapper and organiser who became active in anti-police brutality struggles after the LAPD killed his cousin Ezell Ford earlier this summer, has now been sentenced to 17 years in prison on the basis of a very dubious conviction. … Continue reading

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Celebrating recent victories, planning for the next ones: November round-up

The last few weeks have seen a number of worthwhile acts of resistance, and even a few notable victories in areas ranging from housing to workfare. Johnny Void’s summed up a number of the most impressive recent wins – property … Continue reading

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No platforming from above and below: on misogyny and state bans

Content warning for discussions related to misogyny, rape, and rape culture Over the last few weeks, there’s been a few fairly successful challenges to a few particularly noxious high-profile representatives of rape culture. Dapper Laughs has had his ITV show … Continue reading

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Who Cares Loses? Thoughts on the Care UK strike and missed opportunities

So, with Unison recommending the workers should accept the offer of a 2% pay rise – that is to say, a wage cut of 33% rather than 35% – it looks like the Care UK strike may be drawing to … Continue reading

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They Don’t Care About Us: #FreeCeebo, and other notes on repression and struggle

This summer, while a lot of attention was focused on the aftermath of the police killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, another young black man was shot to death by the LAPD. Following the police killing of Ezell Ford, his … Continue reading

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It’s all about where you’re at: some fragmented thoughts on the current state of things

This autumn, there’s been a few gatherings of the anti-state/libertarian left, including the Plan C Fast Forward event, the bookfair and the Afem conference. The Angry Workers of the World gathering in Liverpool attracted much less attention than most of … Continue reading

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Holiday pay and overtime: a few initial thoughts

The recent tribunal victory on holiday pay and overtime feels like a thoroughly unexpected piece of good news. We should never rely on judges, courts and tribunals to protect our rights, but there’s no reason to ignore our good luck … Continue reading

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