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The Oakland Commune calls for a general strike

Things have been pretty intense in Oakland the last few days, as the police have moved in to evict the occupation, fractured the skull of a 24-year-old Iraq veteran named Scott Olsen, and ended up taking the struggle to a … Continue reading

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On “infighting” and the left

A fair amount of the stuff I write is made up of criticisms of various parts of the left. Lefties and anarchists famously spend a vast amount of their time arguing with each other, and a lot of people, understandably, … Continue reading

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Thoughts on occupations and 99%ism

The Occupy movement has really taken off pretty dramatically. I don’t have anything like the ability to summarise everything that’s happened, so here’s a round-up of good sources: Libcom’s Occupy Wall Street tag is still probably the best place to … Continue reading


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Embarrassing self-congratulation/promotion time.

So, it’s been a whole year since I started writing this shite. I felt like commemorating the anniversary in some way, and decided that making a printable zine/pamphlet wasn’t really any more egotistical than writing a blog is, so I’ve … Continue reading

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(Tahrir) Square pegs in round holes?

There’s been a fair amount going on over the last week or so. On the workplace front, militant cleaners in London continue to fight for the living wage, and the rank-and-file electricians’ network certainly isn’t running out of energy: last … Continue reading

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