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Snippets and fragments from across the globe

It’s been a fair while since I wrote anything on here, and while I still don’t have anything particularly original to say, the last few weeks have seen quite a few developments that seem worth taking note of. Starting in … Continue reading

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Direct action gets thousands of euros.

The La Senza dispute has become an inspiring example of how effective direct action can be: a few days into the occupation, KMPG caved in and agreed to pay all the money owed to the workers. We should be spreading … Continue reading

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They say it’s the most militant lingerie department in Ireland

There are now two workplace occupations ongoing in Ireland: The Vita Cortex occupation in Cork, which has been running for several weeks now, has now been joined by an occupation of a La Senza shop in Dublin. Their facebook page … Continue reading

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A trip down CrimethInc’s memory hole: 2010-2011 in review, reviewed.

CrimethInc are probably one of the world’s best-known anarchist collectives. They’re controversial, but they get a lot of attention: certainly, the airport security staff who recently detained a passenger for having CrimethInc posters in his bag thought they’re worth taking … Continue reading


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