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News from the jobcentres, assessment centres, and prisons: late February round-up

Another quick round-up of news across a few different areas: In repression news, five water charge protesters are still in jail in Ireland for protesting against water meter installations. I’ve not been able to find any addresses to write to … Continue reading

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Dangerous talk: things I’ve learned from the media in the last few weeks

Things I’ve learnt from the media recently: If a specialist professional commentator – a journalist, academic, or someone like that – wants to say something, then that’s free speech and debate, and everyone should pay attention to their opinion. If … Continue reading


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…as long as you’re not dumb enough to actually try it: once more on free speech and censorship

Free speech and censorship are subjects that’ve attracted a lot of attention recently, and look likely to carry on causing controversy for a while to come. The most heated and high-profile debates have been around Islam and blasphemy, but that’s … Continue reading

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The fast and the furious: rank-and-file action wins reinstatement for sacked worker in under an hour

Construction is one of the last industries left in the UK with a strong, well-organised rank-and-file presence, and construction workers have been responsible for some of the most impressive workplace victories in this country in recent years. Today saw another … Continue reading

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More news about water, work, welfare and wage theft: Mid-February round-up

It’s been a few weeks since I did a proper news round-up. While there’s not been that much in the way of big, attention-grabbing stories, there’s still a multitude of local struggles going on up and down the country, so … Continue reading

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Redacted: some critical notes on the ideas of Red Action

Last year, Manchester University Press published a book called “Against the Grain: The British Far Left from 1956”, which looks as though it might be of interest for anyone who wants to learn from the successes and failures of previous … Continue reading

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