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Rotherham 12 trial: latest updates

The Rotherham 12 Defence Campaign are asking people to join them outside Sheffield Crown Court on Tuesday 1 November, as that’ll be the day the defence start to make their case. The campaign blog also has some news from court … Continue reading

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Mind the hypocrisy: challenge DWP-charity collaboration, 31st October

Tom Pollard, the head of policy and campaigns at the mental health charity Mind, is about to spend a year working with the Department for Work and Pensions. As one report put it, “Activists point out that Mind made no … Continue reading

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Futures and pasts: a response to John Garvey on future politics and the present moment

John Garvey’s recent article in Insurgent Notes, Notes on a Future Politics—Part I, is an interesting piece, and well worth reading and thinking about. It’s written about the US and for a primarily US audience, but as he describes a … Continue reading

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US prison struggles: latest calls for support

As the wave of revolt in the US prison system continues, more and more people are finding themselves targeted for reprisals by the prison authorities. These people are taking incredible risks to challenge an unjust system, and knowing that there’s … Continue reading


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A quiet victory: Notts cops cop out of Rojava case

It’s not the kind of story that makes for big, attention-grabbing headlines, but Nottingham saw an important victory against state repression this week, as the bail conditions against Aiden Aslin were finally dropped. Aiden has spent the last 8 months … Continue reading

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Practical resistance in education: rent strikes and survey sabotage

The UK’s student movement has had some really impressive moments in the last few years, but it’s also often struggled to come up with lasting ways of building power beyond brief and quickly-evicted occupations. One of the most promising steps … Continue reading

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Solidarity against ISIS and the cops: Nottingham, Wednesday 19th October

Just a quick reminder that the alleged YPG volunteer Aiden Aslin has a court date on Wednesday 19th, which will hopefully bring the news that the CPS have decided to drop all charges, but may yet turn out to be … Continue reading

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The legacy of Cable Street: militant resistance against oppression today

At a time when so many people are commemorating the 80th anniversary of the historic victory over Mosley’s fascists at Cable Street, I thought it was worth taking a moment to remind people about two different court cases that both, … Continue reading

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Cleaners’ struggles in London, Oct 13-14

Next week sees a few different protests in support of ongoing cleaners’ struggles in the capital. First up, the RMT’s organised two demonstrations in support of outsourced tube cleaners, who’re already low-paid and are now being affected by staffing cuts, … Continue reading

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