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More notes on the social strike

Plan C have been busy recently – their Teesside group have a new writing project, Luxcom, that looks to be worth paying attention to, and they also have a new interview up tracing the origins of the “social strike” idea, … Continue reading

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Happy birthday, dear M44710: support Jay Chase!

In May 2012, as part of the general post-occupy crackdown on anarchists and radicals, undercover coppers infiltrated protests against NATO in Chicago and manipulated three people into making molotov cocktails. The NATO 3 received hefty prison sentences, and Jay Chase … Continue reading


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“From shambles to farce”: CPS jokers get “a slap in the face”

Back in April, eight people who had blocked the road to prevent people getting into the DSEI arms fair, and defended their actions by saying they were attempting to prevent weapons sold at DSEI from being used in war, torture … Continue reading

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Mid-May round-up: notes on housing, Syria, the courts and more…

A quick round-up of news across a few various different fronts: In housing news, the Hackney renters’ group DIGS has been taking the fight to letting agents who refuse to lease to tenants on housing benefit. So far, their “YesDSS” … Continue reading

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“The only protection we have is solidarity from the outside”: news from courts and prisons in Sweden, the UK and the US

Here in the UK, last month saw eight people who took action against the DSEi arms fair beat the charges after the court sided with their argument that they were trying to stop illegal weapons sales, as their “belief that … Continue reading

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On SATs, strategy and the social strike

On August 9th, 2014, police officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown. While police killings of young black people may be almost routine in the US, what followed was very far from routine, as angry protests and riots erupted … Continue reading

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Solidarity with claimants against the courts and the jobcentre – Norwich, Thursday 12th May

A call from Norwich Claimants’ Union: “A claimant has a court hearing this Thursday 12th May at Norwich Magistrates Court. They are accused of assaulting the security staff at the Norwich Jobcentre. Yet another case of a claimant under a … Continue reading

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Help take Philip Green to the cleaners

Anyone interested in unions and workers’ organisations may already be familiar with the United Voices of the World, a small grassroots union that’s had some impressive successes organising cleaners in London in recent years. They’re currently in the middle of … Continue reading

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Dirty little secrets: Hillsborough, Orgreave, blacklisters and spycops

In general, the UK isn’t known for being a particularly militant place. While there are exceptions, from striking doctors and cleaners to rent-striking students and other organised tenants, in general we do often tend to let our rulers get away … Continue reading

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