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Happy birthday to me! (and to Recomposition)

This may not be of much interest to anyone else, but it’s now been five years to the day since I launched this blog with a post about not getting worked up about the newly-elected leader of the Labour Party. … Continue reading

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A myth is born: on paper tigers and shaggy dog stories

It’s been fascinating to watch the way that the media narrative of the Fuck Parade has been created. To recap, the estate agent Marsh & Parsons got its windows put through, while the worst the cereal cafe got was a … Continue reading

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Class War’s visit to the cereal cafe gets a frosty reception

Over the last few days, some sections of the media have picked up on the mild kerfuffle that took place at the Cereal Killer café on Saturday night during Class War’s latest “Fuck Parade”. Class War and the other attendees … Continue reading

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More direct action victories: against workfare in Dorset, jobcentre repression in Edinburgh, and crap landlords in Seattle

A few notable direct action victories recently: First, the comrades of Dorset IWW report that they’ve successfully pressured a Bournemouth branch of the Co-Op into giving up their involvement with workfare. Secondly, the always-inspirational Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty report how, … Continue reading

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URGENT CALLOUT: Defend Mostafa and the Sweets Way estate!

Bailiffs are moving in on the Sweets Way estate in London, the site of a lengthy and courageous occupation. The latest from their facebook page: CALL-OUT FOR TOMORROW. Today’s events have essentially come to a close. Some bailiffs and police … Continue reading

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Five jailed for opening empty bank building to house the homeless

In a week when a lot of the media was apparently captivated by such major issues as a bloke not singing a song and a bloke not going to a rugby game, a court handed down sentences of 10-13 weeks … Continue reading

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Prison updates: news from Shilan Oscelik and the Bulgarian Prisoners’ Association

Two pieces of prison news that seemed worth sharing: First, Shilan Ozcelik, the young woman being prosecuted for terrorism charges because she’s alleged to have tried to join the Kurdish resistance to ISIS, appeared in court this week, was denied … Continue reading

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Sometimes, solidarity means annoying jobcentre managers: stand with Tony Cox!

Tony Cox was arrested back in January after Arbroath Jobcentre management called the police on him to stop him assisting a vulnerable claimant during a jobcentre interview. Now, all these months later, he’s due back in court in October, and … Continue reading

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That joke isn’t funny anymore: on satire, nostalgia and class

I recently encountered an article by Mark Fisher about satire and class, which are two subjects I’m quite interested in. However, I’m also quite sceptical of some of the arguments he makes, so I thought it was worth examining why. … Continue reading

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There’s a row going on down near Slough: events in September

Just a quick reminder of a few upcoming events (mainly because it’s not every day you get to a chance to use this title): This Saturday, Berkshire antifascists will be taking to the streets to stop the Berkshire Infidels in … Continue reading

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