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Conflicts in construction, strife at Sotheby’s, and more: late July round-up

Another round-up of a few things that’re going on: Looking at the ongoing housing movement in London, the occupiers at the Sweets Way estate have started work on their “people’s regeneration show home”, aiming to make a condemned and derelict … Continue reading


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More Corbyn confusion

By pretty much anyone’s standards, the Corbyn leadership bid is a weird phenomenon. Here we have a man who, by all accounts, is a very nice and principled fellow, trying to become the leader of an organisation so totally venal … Continue reading

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Direct action once again beats the bosses

After the Monday morning picket against the victimisation of a shop steward at Canary Wharf – a picket that defied a high court injuction banning the protest – the bosses at electrical contractor Phoenix have now caved in and reinstated … Continue reading

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Fight victimisation at Canary Wharf and Sotheby’s

Just a quick plug for two upcoming events in support of victimised workers. First, starting at half 6 on Monday morning, construction workers will be picketing Canary Wharf after the sacking of a newly-elected shop steward, and are asking for … Continue reading

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Steven Bennett is free!

After an eight-week stay in prison, a jailing that was shockingly under-reported almost everywhere, water charge resister Steven Bennett was freed this week. From Solidarity Times: We are delighted to hear that water charges campaigner Steven Bennett has been released … Continue reading

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I wouldn’t start from here: more thoughts on social strikes and directional demands

The ongoing debate started by Keir Milburn’s article about social strikes and directional demands, and continued by useful contributions from the Angry Workers of the World collective and now Australian blogger withsobersenses, is highly recommended reading for anyone interested in … Continue reading

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Support Steven Bennett and Linus Soinjoki

It’s a measure of how shockingly under-reported the Irish water charges revolt is that I’ve only just learned of the imprisonment of Steven Bennett, who’s been held in prison since May for protesting against the installation of water meters. In … Continue reading

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I’ve got a wage for you if you were born in the 80s: some scattered thoughts on the new “living wage” from a low-waged worker

These notes aren’t really about the budget as a whole, so I’m sure I’m missing lots of important stuff about the changes to the benefits system, more an attempt to think through some of the implications of the new “living … Continue reading

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Say it like you mean it: a post-script on Corbyn, commitment and honesty

A few further thoughts on what I’d see as the problems with the Corbyn campaign: at some point, it becomes necessary for any campaign to confront the question of whether it’s likely, or even possible, to win, and what it … Continue reading

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