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Crisis management skills – the establishment’s handling of the News International scandal

So far, I haven’t really written much about the ongoing News International meltdown. This is partly just because things are moving so fast I have difficulty keeping track of it, but it’s also because there seems to be a key … Continue reading

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Is anarchism more radical than Leninism?

While I’m picking on easy targets, the Socialist Workers’ Party have published another “critique” of anarchism. It’s pretty much a repetition of the standard Leninist myths, but I thought I’d take a moment to reply to their distortions anyway. Aside … Continue reading


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Give up making yourself look like an idiot – A critic replies to Chris Knight

As a general rule, I try to keep an open-minded and non-sectarian approach, in order to avoid getting sucked into one of the many poisonous feuds that plague the anarchist movement. (In fact, one of the reasons why I write … Continue reading

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Radical academics: When good ideas go bad?

Today, I want to try and think about why it is that radical anti-capitalist ideas are tolerated in universities so much more than anywhere else. In contrast to a lot of my posts, this doesn’t have much to do with … Continue reading

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No alarms and no surprises – first thoughts on J30

So, the first co-ordinated strike against the cuts has come and gone. Without wanting to speak too soon, it looks like the overall situation is still roughly what it was before the strike: the government and police are still bastards, … Continue reading

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