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Mid-August round-up: fascists, landlords, prisons and all the rest

Another round-up of ongoing campaigns and events of interest: First off, the complete humiliation of the White Man March in Liverpool last weekend is a total victory and deserves to be celebrated as such. The official Anti-Fascist Network write-up says … Continue reading


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Supplying demands: a response to Wayne Price on demands

I recently stumbled upon a pair of articles by the US anarchist Wayne Price on the subject of demands. I think they’re worth reading and thinking seriously about, but I also have serious disagreements with his approach. These two pieces, … Continue reading

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The Sweets taste of victory: bailiffs seen off at Sweets Way Estate

Great news from the Sweets Way estate in North London, where direct action and solidarity prevented an eviction today. There doesn’t seem to be a full write-up available yet, but the Sweets Way Resists facebook page have reported: MOSTAFA REMAINS … Continue reading

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From Jez-pair to where?

A few more thoughts on the Corbyn phenomenon (and apologies for how many times I’ve returned to the subject now, but it’s only because everyone else seems to keep on banging on about it as well): Firstly, an admission. Like … Continue reading

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Another win against workfare

Some good news from North London, as Haringey Solidarity Group report that their nine-month campaign against workfare at North London Hospice has ended in victory. In their own words: NORTH LONDON HOSPICE PULLS OUT OF WORKFARE Following 9 months of … Continue reading

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