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HR Owen dispute: luxury car dealership bosses sack cleaners for organising, cleaners refuse to back down

Last night, Freddy and Angelica, two cleaners who’ve been suspended from the job cleaning luxury car showrooms after voting to strike for a living wage, were summoned to a disciplinary hearing where “they were given a choice: promise not to … Continue reading


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Court and prison news for late October

The last week of October saw a few different court dates for comrades across the country. In two separate arms trade-related cases, Sam and Dan were acquitted on a criminal damage charge for actions they took against military equipment being … Continue reading

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Yankee theorists are always on the TV: a reply on Americans, academics and so on

The question of class and things that tend to get described as “identity politics”, whether or not that term is a useful one, seems to be one of those topics that generates never-ending, vaguely circular, discussions, often ones which generate … Continue reading

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Not guilty! – Court finds in favour of direct action against the arms trade

A cheering piece of news comes from Burnley Magistrate’s Court, where two people have just been acquitted of criminal damage charges arising from their attempts to destroy BAe fighter jets that were due to be sold to Saudi Arabia. Sam … Continue reading

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Hauntings from the past, and Italian blood’n’guts – Halloweeny class struggle happenings

A few upcoming events around the end of October: On October 27th, some of those affected by undercover spycops, along with friends and supporters, will be holding a “We refuse to be haunted” ghost-themed tour around sites related to the … Continue reading

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All-out strike action against jobcentre closures in Sheffield

At the moment, there’s a large-scale programme of jobcentre closures happening. Although this is clearly a national issue, the PCS seem to only be responding at a local level, and by far the most determined resistance has come from staff … Continue reading

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No sell-out deal – stand in solidarity with the 472 teaching assistants, Durham, October 26

Now that Unison’s called off the Durham teaching assistants dispute by accepting a deal that means a pay cut for 472 TAs, (see here for more analysis from the Communist Workers’ Organisation), it’s hard to say what, if anything, comes … Continue reading

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Joel Almgren is free!

Some good news from Sweden: Joel Almgren, the Swedish antifascist comrade who’s been incarcerated for several years as a result of defending an antiracist demonstration from a nazi attack in December 2013, has now been released. You can read more … Continue reading

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The Durham Teaching Assistants deal: a critical perspective

A critical voice on the latest deal in the County Durham Teaching Assistants dispute, taken from the TAs’ facebook page: “From a concerned supporter. When the Lions voted no last time it was in complete solidarity with those losing out. … Continue reading

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On the libertarian left, the Labour Party, and your mate who got to go on Newsnight once

Plan C recently published an article, which is apparently meant to be the first in a series of different perspectives, on the Labour Party, Momentum and so on. It’s clearly an individual perspective and not meant to be speaking for … Continue reading

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