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Nothing new under the sun? A response to Workers’ Liberty on the social strike

A recent article by Daniel Randall on the Workers’ Liberty website tackles the idea of the social strike, as promoted by Plan C. I’m not a member of either group, but I’ve found the ongoing discussion around the social strike … Continue reading

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New economy, same old union-busting: reinstate Imran!

The UberEATS drivers are calling on people to join them from 8am on Tuesday to demand the reinstatement of Imran, a driver who was sacked for his role in the strike. They also still want the London Living Wage. If … Continue reading

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UBER Eat this! Support the strike

From the United Voices of the World: ***BREAKING NEWS*** UberEATS COURIERS STRIKE FOR LONDON LIVING WAGE >> #UberEATSstrike rally Friday at 14:30 at Black Swan Yard SE1, in South London. << (Full details below) – Couriers strike on Friday to … Continue reading

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US prison rebels in need of support

As the struggles inside the US prison system continue to heat up, and the planned nationwide work stoppage on September 9th grows closer, the administrations are increasingly cracking down on those prisoners involved in organising. Outside support is crucial to … Continue reading

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UBER Eats: the next Deliveroo?

An announcement from the United Voices of the World union states that: “…the UBER Eats drivers… are also going on STRIKE! Yes, that’s right, UBER Eats drivers are going on strike over their poverty wages! No employee status, no employee … Continue reading

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“Autonomous, democratic, stateless” public order policing in Rojava

According to reports on Syria Direct, over the last week or so, the Asayish, the cops who maintain order in the self-managed cantons of Rojava, have launched a wave of arrests against people associated with the Kurdish National Council, which … Continue reading

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Deliveroo contracts: getting a national picture

The concessions won by the London Deliveroo strike are an important win. But they’re still only concessions: management haven’t backed down on the new payment model altogether, and it’s certainly far short of the workers’ demand for the full London … Continue reading

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