JustEat and Actavo strikes: upcoming events for Jan 23rd-24th

Just a quick plug for two upcoming events:

On Sunday 23rd, there’s a rally for the ongoing JustEat/Stuart Delivery strike in Sheffield:


Monday 24th will see four simultaneous protests in support of the striking Actavo scaffolders, in Dublin, Brigg, Livingston and Chepstow:

In other news, the dispute over the sacking of Tracey Scholes at Go North West has now been resolved with her reinstatement, and the security guards’ strike at Great Ormond Street Hospital has now been postponed in response to the hospital management promising an improved offer.

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Kill the Bill day of action, victory against the arms trade in Oldham

A few quick updates:

A new and updated list of Kill the Bill events for Saturday 15th has now been published, along with a map.

The list currently stands at:

📍 BATH: 12pm, Bath Abbey

📍 BRIGHTON: 12pm, Hove Lawns Peace Statue

📍 BRISTOL: 1pm, College Green

📍 CAMBRIDGE: 12pm, Market Square

📍 CARDIFF: 1pm, John Batchelor Statue (The Hayes)

📍 CORNWALL: 2pm, George Eustice’s Office, Camborne

📍 COVENTRY: 12pm, Broadgate

📍 DORSET: 11am, King Street Car Park, Wimborne

📍 EXETER: 12pm, Bedford Square

📍 HUDDERSFIELD: 11am, St. George’s Square

📍 INVERNESS: 12pm, Town House

📍 LEEDS: 1pm, Briggate (City Centre)

📍 LIVERPOOL: 1pm, Bombed Out Church

📍 LONDON: 12pm, Lincoln’s Inn Fields

📍 MANCHESTER: 1pm, St Peter’s Square

📍 NEWCASTLE: 12pm, Greys Monument

📍 NEWTOWN: 12pm, Santander (High St)

📍 NOTTINGHAM: 12pm, Brian Clough Statue

📍 OXFORD: 12pm, Cornmarket

📍 PLYMOUTH: 12pm, Charles Cross Police Station

📍 SHEFFIELD: 2pm, Sheffield Town Hall

📍 SHREWSBURY: 9am, Quarry Park

📍 STOKE-ON-TRENT: 12pm, Hanley Bus Station

📍 SWANSEA: 1pm, Brangwyn Hall

This Saturday will also see a protest against the new women’s immigration detention center at Hassockfield in County Durham.

There’s also a call to send emails in support of Dwayne Fulgence, a prisoner in HMP Frankland who has now been held in solitary confinement for 10 months.

Further ahead, the next Bristol Kill the Bill trial starts on January 31st.

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And starting the year off on an impressively positive note, this week it was confirmed that arms manufacturers Elbit are selling off their Oldham site following an extensive campaign of focused protests and direct action.

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Kill the Bill, court cases, eviction resistance and more: early January round-up

A few quick listings of upcoming events:

Palestine Action activists will be facing a trial starting on Monday 10th at Stafford Crown Court, and there’s a call for people to turn up and support them. Or at least I think there is, there’s also a twitter post saying the trial is delayed, so who knows? There’s also a Kill the Bill event happening in Chichester then.

On Tuesday 11th, there’s a rally at the Queens Road bus depot in Manchester in support of Tracey Scholes, the pioneering woman bus driver sacked after over 30 years for being too short. That evening, the Anarchist Communist Group will be holding an online meeting on rising authoritarianism in the UK.

On Wednesday 12th, Manchester Trades Council are holding an online meeting in support of the strike at the CHEP pallet factory, and early on Friday morning there’s going to be a rally at the CHEP picket line.


Saturday 15th is the next national day of action for the Kill the Bill campaign, with events that I’m currently aware of planned for Bristol, Manchester, Cornwall and London. Hopefully more will be confirmed soon.

On Monday 18th, security guards organised through the UVW union at Great Ormond Street Hospital are set to start a six-week strike against outsourcing. You can learn more about the dispute here, donate to their strike fund, send a letter of support to GOSH trustees and sign up to join a strike supporters group.


On Saturday 22nd, the Prisoner Solidarity Network are holding a protest at HMP Belmarsh, and further ahead, on February 11th anarchist prisoner Toby Shone is due to start a new court case regarding the attempt to impose a Serious Organised Crime Prevention Order against him.

Also, here’s a few stories worth mentioning from the past month or so:

In December, tenants organised through ACORN were able to mobilise to prevent evictions in both Bristol and Brighton.

Freedom News published a round-up of recent cases in Bristol, including the latest round of sentencing for Kill the Bill prisoners, as well as an analysis of the more high-profile Colston 4 verdict. In other court news, it’s worth mentioning the pleasing verdict in December that saw three Palestine Action activists found not guilty after taking direct action against the arms trade.Finally, December also saw a big milestone for the campaign against blacklisting in the construction industry, as the new Unite leadership have now officially set up an independent investigation into union collusion in the blacklist, with the evidence-gathering panel being led by blacklisted workers. The deadline for submitting evidence has been extended until January 28th.

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Ten highlights of 2021

I don’t particularly have much to offer in the way of thoughtful analysis of last year, but there’s a few moments I think deserve to be remembered. There have been various end-of-year round-ups, I’ll try to collect a few decent ones at the end of this, but this one is mine.

Bristol Kill the Bill

Bristol protest: Police attacked as 'Kill the Bill' demo turns violent -  BBC News

The Kill the Bill movement saw some fairly determined resistance in a few places, but none more so than in Bristol. As the Bristol Anarchist Black Cross/Bristol Defendant Solidarity statement put it:

“What happened on 21st March was an outpouring of rage against the violence of the police. The crowd fought back after police officers attacked the crowd with batons and riot shields. Pepper spray was used indiscriminately, people were charged with police horses. The protesters fought back, seizing police riot shields, helmets and batons to defend themselves. By the end of the evening several police vehicles had been set on fire.

We are writing this statement to make clear that we support those who have been sentenced today, and that we are proud of them for fighting back. We need to be ready to defend ourselves against the police, and stand with those facing repression and criminalisation.”

You can keep up with the ongoing cases from that night at the Bristol ABC blog, Bristol Defendant Solidarity on twitter, or Support Kill the Bill Prisoners on instagram. And donate to the prisoner support fund here.

Manchester bus strike

There have been a few strikes against fire and rehire, but the Manchester bus strike was perhaps one of the most determined, at a total of 85 days. Unite called the outcome a huge victory, the Anarchist Communist Group have a more critical write-up, and perhaps the most serious and detailed analysis of the dispute came from Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century, who also published a video collecting interviews with the striking workers themselves.

The Go North West Queens Road depot is currently seeing more trouble, as the first female bus driver there is now being sacked after 34 years because the company redesigned the buses and then said she was too short for them. The campaign to stop her sacking now has a twitter and fb presence, and will be holding a rally in her support on Tuesday 11th.

Rank and file actions in construction

In my opinion, one of the year’s most exciting stories in terms of truly self-organised working class action was also wildly under-reported: the construction rank and file were able to take on Balfour Beatty and NG Bailey in a national dispute over de-skilling and win. Following the end of the de-skilling dispute, construction workers in Gateshead won another impressive dispute in a wildcat struggle at the site of an Amazon warehouse. That one started out with a walk-out over de-skilling and safety, which then saw around 40 workers being sacked, and then reinstated after further wildcat action.

JustEat/Stuart couriers’ strike

Whats App Image 2021 11 28 at 14 38 04

Not a victorious struggle like many of the others listed here, but one that’s still ongoing: at the end of 2021, the recent wave of militancy among food couriers reached JustEat/Stuart Deliveries in response to an attempted pay cut. While the dispute has not yet been settled, it’s already been an impressive display of self-organisation, spreading from an original strike in Sheffield to last for at least 18 days and include workers in Chesterfield, Huddersfield, Blackpool and Sunderland, as well as an occupation of JustEat’s headquarters.

Stopping Cambo?

Stop Cambo: Meet The Climate Activists Trying To Block Scotland's New  Oilfield | HuffPost UK Life

Good news to do with climate change is often hard to find, so Shell pulling out of the Cambo oilfield project was a welcome exception. You can find the Stop Cambo campaign’s reaction to that news here.

Elbit/arms trade actions

UK: Pro-Palestine activists occupy Israeli drone maker's London offices |  Middle East Eye

The past year saw a truly impressive string of actions from the Palestine Action campaign – the 6-day occupation of an Elbit drone factory in Leicester was a spectacular highlight, and one that was followed up by the occupation of another Elbit factory in Tamworth, action against Elbit’s landlords LaSalle in London, and an occupation against Arconic in Birmingham. Other actions and occupations targeted a Runcorn factory making equipment for Elbit drones, an Elbit-Ferranti site in Oldham, causing an estimated £500,000 in damage, Vine Property Management for their role managing Elbit sites, Elbit Tamworth again, Elbit’s London headquarters, Elbit Leicester again, Oldham again, the ACC Liverpool arms fair, the London DSEi arms fair, Jones Lang LaSalle in London, York and Manchester, an Elbit subsidiary in Kent, Elbit’s Bristol offices, and another drone material supplier in Wrexham. Which feels like one of the most intense sustained campaigns of direct action, mainly directed at a single company, I can remember seeing in this country. And the year ended on another sweet note with the “Elbit Three” being acquitted after a court case for an action in Staffordshire from January.

Kenmure Street

A special day': how a Glasgow community halted immigration raid |  Immigration and asylum | The Guardian

Speaking of direct action, Glasgow provided another shining example with the mass resistance to an immigration raid in Pollokshields in May.

Shrewsbury 24

Shrewsbury 24: how industrial action led to 47-year fight for justice | UK  criminal justice | The Guardian

There can be few struggles more determined or long-lasting than that of the Shrewsbury 24, who after a long campaign were finally able to overturn their convictions from 1973-74 this year.

Indian farmers

Having put together a thoroughly UK-centric list, it feels a bit weird to gesture vaguely at the rest of the world and say “oh, and stuff happened in other countries too”. But still, the farmer’s movement in India won a great victory in 2021, and that deserves to be celebrated.

Rouvikonas, Nikos Mataragkas and Giorgos Kalaitzidis vs the Greek state

This obviously isn’t and can’t be a full list of good news internationally, but similarly, I want to acknowledge that the Greek state’s attempt to frame Nikos Mataragkas and Giorgos Kalaitzidis, two members of the anarchist group Rouvikonas, for a murder, would have had horrific and life-changing consequences for them, and the fact that the attempted frame-up completely fell apart is a good thing that should be remembered.

Other people’s round-ups and new year’s messages

Those were some highlights of 2021 for me, here’s a selection of others:

Housing Action Southwark and Lambeth’s 2021
Looking back: Palestine Action’s strongest moments from 2021
Prisoner Solidarity Network retrospective 2020-2021
New year message from the Anarchist Communist Group
ACORN’s highlights of 2021
A roundup of radical activism in Britain in 2021 (Freedom)
Ten Times Workers Beat the Bosses in 2021 (Tribune)
Five climate wins in 2021 that give hope for the year ahead (Stop Cambo)
Surviving 2021: The Year in Review (Crimethinc)
A year in hyper links – AngryWorkers looking back on our 2021

How they missed the chance to call that last one some variation on “looking back in anger” I’ll never know. Anyway, wishing a belated happy new year to all readers, comrades and friends!

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Early December round-up: Sheffield JustEat strike, Kill the Bill prisoners, and more

A few upcoming events:

Whats App Image 2021 11 28 at 14 38 04

On Monday 6th, Sheffield JustEat delivery drivers organised through the IWGB are due to strike against a pay cut. You can donate to their strike funds here. Security guards organised through the UVW at Great Ormond Street Hospital are also due to begin striking then, and that day will also see an “anti-racist Wales” event and fundraiser for the Free Siyanda campaign in Swansea, and an RMT demo against cuts to station staffing in Berwick.

On Tuesday 7th, security guards at Great Ormond Street Hospital will be holding a strike rally as part of their campaign for full NHS terms and conditions. You can donate to their strike fund here, and send a message to GOSH trustees in support of their demands here. That day will also see students at Poole College walking out in protest against the Policing Bill.

On Wednesday 8th, there’ll be a protest at the House of Lords as they begin voting on the Bill, followed by another Kill the Bill event in Bristol on Friday 10th.

On Sunday 12th, someone’s running a half marathon in the Vale of Clwyd as a fundraiser for the Free Siyanda campaign, and you can donate to that here


Monday 13th will see the start of the trial of the alleged statue-topplers in Bristol, and RMT demos against station staffing cuts in Newcastle and Durham. On Tuesday 14th, there’s an online raffle and poetry night fundraiser for the strike against job cuts at Goldsmiths, and Wednesday 15th will see more RMT demos in Darlington and York.


Saturday 18th will see Harrods workers organised through the UVW holding a pre-strike protest as they prepare to strike over pay, and there’s another Bristol radical bookfair currently scheduled for Sunday 19th.

I’ve not seen anything specific announced yet, but there’s usually prison solidarity noise demos on New Year’s Eve, so that seems likely to happen, particularly in London and Bristol.

A few more notes on recent news:

In November, Amazon sacked a shop steward of the Polish syndicalist union Inicjatywa Pracownicza/Workers’ Initiative, apparently for trying to stop any cover-up after a worker died on the job. You can watch a short video about the situation here. In Greece, an attempt to frame two anarchist militants for the murder of a drug dealer has just collapsed in court.

In recent workplace news, the Community union are claiming victory in a struggle against fire and rehire and pay cuts at the shoe company Clarks. The Anarchist Communist Group have reports on a number of recent workplace disputes, including a general roundup, the London tube strike, a successful strike over pay by London further education workers, and more struggles by further education workers

Finally, there’s an appeal to remember the Kill the Bill prisoners at Christmas:


Please write to the Kill the Bill Prisoners this Christmas! 🔥❤️🏴You have no idea how much difference every single card makes in terms of making people feeling supported and able to keep going. These folks have all been sentenced (except two who are on remand) for their role in the Kill the Bill demonstration this March in Bristol. 

We all love sharing pictures of burning vans on social media but once the riot porn fades, people are serving years behind bars for a night of defiance. They took action to defend themselves against the cops, resisting the state and its legislation set to expand police powers and incarceration across the board. Show them they are not alone!!!!!! Get a card in the post ❤️💌🖤💌

These prisoners welcome letters of support. Please share widely. You can also use emailaprisoner.com. Check the Bristol ABC website regularly in case their addresses change – www.bristolabc.wordpress.com 

Ryan Dwyer A4276AT
Kane Adamson  A1103ER
Kain Simmonds A9381EQ
Brandon Lloyd A0806EE
Shaun Davies A4075ER
HMP Portland, 104 the Grove, Easton, Portland, Dorset, DT5 1DL

Ryan Roberts A5155EM,
Benjamin Rankin A1261AY
HMP Bristol, 19 Cambridge Road, BS7 8PS

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Sheffield JustEat couriers to strike against pay cut

Couriers working for JustEat/Stuart Delivery in Sheffield have now announced plans to strike and hold a series of protests against a new payment structure that will slash their earnings.


The IWGB union stated:

“On Sunday 28 November at 12 noon, Sheffield food delivery couriers from the Independent Workers’ Union of Great Britain (IWGB) are protesting outside of Sheffield Town Hall to demand that Stuart delivery cancels a planned pay cut of nearly 25%. Having previously been promised a postponement to the cuts in October 2021, couriers are set to strike from 6 December after the corporation that delivers for JustEat decided to push ahead with the cuts next month.

Stuart is slashing pay on most deliveries from £4.50 to £3.40 from 6 December 2021 as part of a new pay structure that will force couriers who already have to pay their own vehicle costs to work even harder and longer to make the same money.

The upcoming protest and strike, backed by Sheffield Labour MP Olivia Blake, follows a protest organised by IWGB in October 2021 when the pay cuts were first proposed. At Sunday’s rally, couriers will stage a motorcade leaving from Queen Street at 11am, arriving at Sheffield Town Hall at 12 noon where speeches will be given by Olivia Blake MP, members of the council, and workers.

Despite undertaking high-risk key work through the pandemic, Stuart’s couriers still live on poverty pay, are denied basic worker rights such as sick pay, and are forced to cover their own vehicle and insurance costs. With rising costs of living and fuel spikes, pay cuts will push these key workers further into poverty.”

You can donate to their strike fund here.

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Mid-November round-up: Facebook cleaners, university strikes, care home victory and more

A very quick round-up of a few upcoming events:

On Saturday 20th, Shropshire NEU are organising a protest in support of John Boken, a local union rep who’s been unfairly sacked by bullying management. Also happening that evening, the IWW’s TEFL Workers Union are hosting a showing of the film Pride, including a Q&A with a member of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners, as a fundraiser for an upcoming employment tribunal. You can donate directly to the tribunal costs here.

UCU members at Goldsmiths University will be striking from November 23rd-December 13th in a local dispute over redundancies, as the jobs of 20 academic and 32 non-academic staff are threatened.

On Thursday 25th, London housing campaigners will be protesting at the UK Housing Awards, where social housing bosses will be slapping each other on the back. As the Social Housing Action Campaign put it, “Help us challenge the housing association executives wallowing in excess, whilst leaving tenants to wallow in debt, disrepair, and housing stress through the conditions they create.”

Friday 26th will see strikes and protests against Amazon in a number of countries around the world, apparently including the UK, although there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of details confirmed yet. That day will also see another protest by cleaners’ union CAIWU in their ongoing dispute over workloads and victimisation at Facebook.


A press release from CAIWU reads:

“Facebook’s London cleaners are to step up their campaign against excessive workloads and to be brought in house with a major protest on Friday November 26th.

The protest, labelled ‘Cancel Facebook’, is scheduled for 4pm at 10 Brock Street, NW1 3FG. The event will feature samba music, street performers, and a variety of speakers including former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer John McDonnell, ADCU General Secretary James Farrar, and Glenroy Watson of the RMTs Black Solidarity Committee’s Secretary.

The cleaners have been campaigning since June about increased workloads which are making them exhausted and ill. Their employer, Churchill Cleaning, which took over the Facebook contract in January, has added eight extra floors to the six that used to make up the cleaners’ schedule. Churchill has failed to provide any extra resources to meet the increased workload.

Facebook itself has consistently refused to intervene on behalf of its cleaners. The Cleaners and Allied Independent Workers Union, has approached the company on multiple occasions, but it has consistently refused to get involved beyond vague expressions of concern about the wellbeing of its service providers and its intent to foster a respectful and safe working environment. Beyond that, it simply repeats the mantra that these are matters for Churchill and for its facilities management contractor JLL. Despite repeated enquiries from CAIWU, Facebook has declined to comment on the cleaners’ request to be brought in house.

In the absence of any positive progress, the prospect of industrial action grows increasingly likely. CAIWU has already served Churchill with notice of its members’ intention to vote about the possibility of strike action, and Christmas Eve has been identified as a probable date for the first of what is likely to be a series of one-day strikes. CAIWU organiser Bruce Coker says that striking is very much a last resort, but that the cleaners feel they’ve been left with no other choice. ‘The campaign has been going on for months now,’ said Coker. ‘Our members are getting ill from overwork, but Churchill refuses to acknowledge that there’s a problem. The cleaners have reached the point where going on strike seems like the only way to make Churchill, JLL and Facebook listen.’ Asked the reason behind the ‘Cancel Facebook’ label for the protest, Coker explained, ‘As a society we are becoming very quick to judge and cancel individuals for minor misdemeanours, and platforms like Facebook actively encourage this behaviour by rewarding outrage and engagement. We want to make some noise about the actual harm these companies are causing, not just to members of the public but often to their own workers.’

One former cleaner who won’t be taking part in any strike is Guillermo Camacho, the supervisor dismissed last month for allegedly poor performance of his duties. Both CAIWU and Camacho, whose reinstatement case was rejected by the employment tribunal last week, continue to insist that the real reason behind his dismissal was his trade union activities, of which he made no secret. Camacho’s unfair dismissal case is scheduled to be heard by the tribunal in the new year, by when his former colleagues are hoping their campaign will have resulted in a return to tolerable workloads at Brock Street.

Protest: Friday November 26th, 4pm | 10 Brock Street, London NW1 3FG”

You can also donate to their strike fund here.

Friday 26th will also see the start of strike action by RMT members working on the night tube, in a dispute over staffing levels and working arrangements.

On Saturday 27th, London Renters Union are hosting a discussion and social for renters in Tower Hamlets.

UCU members at 58 universities are due to strike from December 1st-3rd over two separate disputes involving pensions and pay.

Further ahead into December, the 3rd will see the start of a new round of strike action on East Midlands Railways, security guards organised through the UVW union at Great Ormond Street are due to start striking against outsourcing and for full NHS contracts from the 6th onwards, and the “Colston 4” alleged statue-topplers are due to face trial in Bristol from the 13th.


A few other miscellaneous notes:

Sheffield Justeat riders working through Stuart Delivery are entering into dispute over a pay cut, and are raising money for a strike fund here. Their union, the IWGB, is also launching a new supporters’ network, the “solidarity squad.”

Workers organised through the UVW at Sage Nursing Home have won the London Living Wage after a campaign involving strike action.

Finally, Bristol Kill the Bill defendant Ryan Roberts was recently found guilty on charges of riot and arson. You can read a statement on the verdict here, and write to him at:

Ryan Roberts A5155EM, HMP Bristol, 19 Cambridge Rd, Bristol BS7 8PS

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325 defendant Toby Shone sentenced, police raids in Liverpool, and other repression news

A court case that started with police raids connected to the anarchist website 325 has now concluded, with the original terrorism charges being dropped and the defendant being jailed on drugs charges. Bristol Defendant Solidarity have published the following statement:

Anarchist prisoner Toby Shone was sentenced to 3 years 9 months in prison for 8 drugs charges after all political charges against him related to the website http://325.nostate.net under the Terrorism Act were dropped on 1st October 2021 due to lack of evidence. Toby Shone is currently held at HMP Bristol pending transfer. Please send letters of support and birthday cards (20th October) to: Toby Shone A7645EP HMP Bristol 19 Cambridge Road Bristol BS7 8PS UK

More information about the case can be found here.

Bristol Defendant Solidarity have also published an up-to-date list of current Kill the Bill prisoners requesting support:

In text format, that information is:

Kane Adamson A1103ER
Kain Simmonds A9381EQ
Brandon Lloyd A0806EE
HMP Portland
104 The Grove
Easton, Portland

Ryan Roberts A5155EM
Dylan Dunne A4108ER
HMP Bristol
19 Cambridge Road

The trial of Ryan Roberts, the first Kill the Bill defendant to plead not guilty, is coming up soon, starting on October 25th. Meanwhile, all charges against two Kill the Bill protesters in Newcastle have just been dropped.

In other news related to repression and state violence, Freedom have a report on police raids against anti-arms trade/Palestine solidarity protesters in Liverpool, and the annual United Families and Friends Campaign rally commemorating deaths at the hands of the state will be happening in London on October 30th.

On an international note, US antifascist prisoner Dan Baker was just sentenced to 44 months, nearly 4 years, in prison for posts he made calling for resistance to any far-right coup attempt in January.

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Driving wages up? Current transport disputes

Strike supporters blocking a bus at the Queens Road depot in Manchester, earlier this year

Recent weeks have seen transport workers taking or threatening action for pay demands in a number of areas. These disputes have been broken up among two different unions, and seem to be mostly conducted as solely local disputes with little attempt to coordinate at a national scale. Trying to put these pieces together may give us a clearer picture of what the potential for a strike wave this winter could be, and what the limitations might be.

A few disputes have now been called off after workers have accepted a new offer – this has been the case among Dartford DHL Sainsbury’s lorry drivers, who won a 6.2% rise, Stagecoach drivers in Lancashire, who won a 4.4% rise, and Manchester tram drivers, who have now accepted a 3% rise after rejecting two previous offers.

Bus drivers organised in both RMT and Unite are currently suspending action while voting on a new offer in similar disputes in the Midlands, where bus staff in Mansfield and Chesterfield had been due to take action.

At time of writing, strike action is still due to go ahead starting on Monday 18th October in Stagecoach South West, Tuesday 19th October in Stagecoach South West, and Tuesday 26th October in Stagecoach Greater Manchester. Drivers in the South West have rejected one offer already, with the RMT publishing details of how Stagecoach’s pay offer included harsh cuts to sick pay and other terms and conditions.

More areas could shortly join the list of bus disputes, as workers at Kinchbus in the East Midlands are currently balloting for action, along with those at Stagecoach Scotland. Meanwhile, staff at Scotrail and Caledonian Sleeper services are due to strike over pay in November, although their dispute pre-dates the current wave of action, as the Scotrail dispute has now been running for over seven months.

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Early October round-up: transport strikes, Bristol repression, and more

A few upcoming events:

Uber drivers organised through the IWGB’s United Private Hire Drivers branch will be striking on Wednesday 6th, and are holding a protest at Uber’s headquarters that day. Bin collectors employed by Serco in Sandwell will also be striking that day.

The 6th will also see the start of Toby Shone’s trial in Bristol. Toby Shone is facing terrorism charges related to the raids against the anarchist website 325.

You can currently write to Toby at:

Toby Shone A7645EP
HMP Bristol
19 Cambridge Rd
Bristol BS7 8PS

It’s possible that, if convicted, Toby’s address may change after sentencing. 
On Thursday 7th, two people are in court in Manchester facing charges related to alleged direct action against the Israeli arms company Elbit (non-fb link for backup purposes).
On Friday 8th, cleaners organised through the grassroots union CAIWU will be protesting at Facebook over their workloads and the victimisation of a union activist. They have also now announced their intention to ballot for strike action.

Sunday 10th will see Manchester tram workers striking over pay, park cleaners and other striking workers at Royal Parks in London holding a protest as part of their month-long strike action, and a radical bookfair hosted by Active Distribution in Bristol (non-fb link for backup purposes). You can also donate to the Royal Parks strike fundraiser here.

The International Workers’ Association has called for a week of action against unpaid wages starting on October 11th. Several groups of bus drivers have voted to take action against Stagecoach, starting with drivers based in Preston and Chorley who’ll be striking over pay from the 14th-16th October.
Manchester tram workers will be striking again on the 15th and 18th, and the 18th will also see strikes by Stagecoach bus drivers in the South West, East Midlands, and Derbyshire/Yorkshire. Stagecoach drivers in South Wales have now also voted for action but not set a date yet, and drivers in Manchester and Scotland are now going through the balloting process.

On Wednesday 20th, the Blacklist Support Group and National Construction Rank and File will be hosting a meeting in Liverpool on rank and file organising in construction. (non-fb link for backup purposes). That day will also see further strike action by care home workers organised through the UVW union at Sage Nursing Home, over pay, sick pay and annual leave.

There will also be further action by Lancashire Stagecoach drivers starting on the 22nd, and another Manchester tram strike on the 24th.

Ryan Roberts will be facing trial in Bristol on charges connected to the Kill the Bill protest earlier this year from October 25th-27th, and Bristol ABC are calling for a presence throughout his trial, but particularly on the first and last days.
Finally, going into November, the Manchester and Salford Anarchist Bookfair will be happening on the 6th, and that day will also see a global day of climate action coinciding with the COP 26 talks. The AngryWorkers collective will also be holding a gathering in Manchester the day after.

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