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“It was the Socialist Worker wot won it” – why are the government and media suddenly so interested in the SWP?

As a general rule, I don’t think it’s that useful to spend too much time talking about the various small Leninist groups, because I think they’re pretty much irrelevant: they definitely don’t have any real answers to the problems we … Continue reading

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Construction bosses beaten?

I certainly don’t want to go around claiming false victories where there aren’t any, but this article from the (decidedly non-radical) Construction Enquirer should be of interest to anyone who’s been paying attention to the sparks’ struggle: The BESNA deal … Continue reading


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Scab or starve – why workfare is an attack on us all.

By now, there doesn’t seem to be much point in summarising the storm that’s broken out over workfare this week. If you’ve somehow managed to miss it, the best coverage has consistently come from the Void, but Truth, Reason & … Continue reading

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Two down, six to go: Direct action gets results for tenants, cleaners and electricians

As the class war rages on – and, let’s face it, our rulers generally continue to win it most of the time – a few examples from recent weeks have demonstrated the kind of tactics that can get real results. … Continue reading

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Knocking Boc off the block.

Another quick round-up of recent news: The global wave of protests against austerity has brought down another government, as Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc’s government resigned yesterday in an attempt to “defuse political and social tension”. It’s too early to … Continue reading

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Seattle’s drivers aren’t trucking around.

It’s been another busy week. Over in the US, the ongoing struggle in the ports of the West Coast has seen a dramatic new development as poorly-paid truck drivers have shut down the port of Seattle in a wildcat action. … Continue reading

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